HR Licence Cost

HR (heavy rigid) Roadranger Student

Depending on where you are located and how much training you need, a HR Licence Cost can vary but there are certain costs that are guaranteed. In New South Wales, to get your learners permit for a HR licence costs $25, and your provisional licences cost $59 for P1 and $93 for P2. Once you have got your licence, the registration for a HR Licence costs depend on how long you decide to have it valid for. One year is $60, three years is $138, five years is $188, and ten years is $348. This is just the licence costs not the assessments. It is another $29 to participate in the HCVBA assessment, which includes the cost of the Logbook and Guide book. In some cases, you may need to provide further certificates or evidence, for example your driving record and evidence of other licenses. Information from the Authority’s records including driving record costs $22, an Evidentiary Certificate of information from Authority’s records including driving record is $32 and it costs $22 to provide evidence of any other necessary information (motor vehicles, vessels and licences) from the Authority’s. While it is not that expensive, especially in comparison with some other licences, it is important to remember that you may also have to pay for training and assessment through accredited driving schools like Core Driving School and other requirements like eye tests or medical tests if necessary.

HR Licence for Heavy Vehicle Truck or Bus Driving

In order to operate trucks, buses and other heavy vehicles, one must obtain the appropriate licence. New South Wales has certain laws in place to ensure that drivers are licensed correctly for the vehicles they are operating to ensure that the roads and drivers are safe. That is why if you are planning to drive a vehicle that fits into the Heavy Rigid Vehicle class category, then getting an HR Licence is imperative. The HR Licence Cost is not that expensive and allows for drivers to operate vehicles that are more than eight tonnes with three or more axles. It also includes towed trailers that are no more than nine tonnes and bendy, articulated buses. With the HR Licence cost starting at around $280 overall, getting licenced to drive HR class vehicles can be a great way to open up career opportunities, upskill your current driving skillset and/or change careers. Once you gain a HR Licence, you will also be able to apply for a HC, or heavy combination, licence in the future, which can lead to even more opportunities as you will be able to operate articulated vehicles with three or more axles, heavy rigid vehicle trailer combinations with three or more axles and any towed trailer that weighs more than nine tonnes. The HR Licence is just the start to something bigger and better. Get your licence through Core Driving School to open yourself up to even more opportunities.

Trust Your Driving Instructor

With anything as serious as driving a vehicle, especially a vehicle that are classified in the HR class, every driver needs to have the best training possible to ensure not just their safety but the safety of those driving around them. When adding together the HR Licence Cost, do not forget about the cost of hiring a suitably-qualified driving instructor from Core Driving School to help assess and train you so you can get your licence. When hiring a driving instructor, it is always important to go with somebody you can trust. Ensure the school you are going through not only is accredited, is able to complete assessments and operates in compliance with the standards set about in the licence that they hold as a registered training organisation. That way, you can be sure that you are able to trust your driving instructor. At Core Driving School you can be sure that your trust in us is not misguided, as we are not only one of the leading HR vehicle training organisations, we also strictly comply with all health and safety standards. When you are being instructed through Core Driving School, you can trust that your instructor is not only competent but they are registered and professional therefore not only will you end up with your licence at the end but you will be able to confidently and competently operate any vehicle in the HR class.