Bus Driver Training and Bus Authority Courses

Bus Driver Training and Bus Authority courses are run by Core Driving School on a regular basis. Operating 7 days a week, with flexible hours to suit your schedule. We are an heavy vehicle training organisations and an innovative provider for heavy vehicle competency based training and assessments as well as a provider for Bus Driver Training and Bus Authority.

Get your Bus Authority Licence

Providing the best quality training through our various training programs. Our school values safety and ensures that all students are educated and trained are fully qualified to perform their jobs in a safe and competent manner. We conduct bus driver training and bus authority courses in the your area.


Driver fatigue is one of the biggest causes of crashes for heavy vehicle drivers in NSW, at least eight per cent of heavy truck fatal crashes involve a fatigued heavy vehicle driver. Many of these crashes occur late at night or early in the morning.

Rest areas are available 24 hours a day all year round and are clearly signposted service centres, petrol stations, parks and country towns are other places you can stop and take a break from driving. The NSW truck rest area road map is a useful guide to all major trucking routes across the state as well as locations of truck stops. The map is available on www.rta.nsw.gov.au

At Core Driving School we educate, train and assess for all Heavy Vehicle licensing. Our Bus Driver Training and Bus Authority courses are held in regular basis and provides a high standard ensuring all new truck and bus drivers are found competent of knowledge and handling a heavy vehicle. The Bus Driver Training course also Includes the fundamental skills that every capable bus driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities.


Bus Driver Training

Bus Driver Training