Your best choice for a HC licence

Why Core Driving School is the Best Choice for your HC License Needs

Are you planning to begin your career as a truck driver and want to join a reliable driving school in Sydney that will help you enhance your driving skills and eventually acquire a HC license? If so, this text will inform you what a HC license is and link you with a great driving school that will offer top-notch training classes that will be extremely beneficial with your desires. A HC or Heavy Combination licence is a kind of driving license that covers people to drive trucks having a single trailer which is also referred as semi-trailers.  

There are several requirements one is required to meet in order to qualify to apply for a HC license. For instance, the minimum requirements for a person to apply for this kind of license include: 

*Having held a class HR or MR license or equivalent for at least one year.  

*Pass the Heavy Combination Knowledge test 

*Pass an eyesight exam  

*Pass a Road and Maritime driving exam or successfully complete HVCBA 

If you desire to pass the road test which is required by the government institution responsible for driving in Australia, it is vital you hunt for a great driving school that has the best facilities and top-notch trainers in Sydney if you are living in this place. 

Though in Sydney there are numerous driving schools you will find, not all of them are qualified to provide driving lessons that will help you pass the road driving exam required for one to qualify to get a HC license. Therefore, in order to avoid wasting your time utilizing the services of such driving schools that may make you attain nothing in the long run, it is vital you take your time and research so that you can secure a great driving school which will offer driving classes which will help you get your HC license in an easy and smooth way. Here are some factors showing why our company Core Driving School is the leading driving institution in Sydney and thus the best choice for your HC license hunting needs.

Multi Combination Truck Licence

Multi Combination Truck Licence

Why Core Driving School is the Best Choice for your HC License Needs 

Our institution Core Driving School is situated in Australia. Our prime depot is located in Wetherill Park, Sydney. We also have other branches offering truck driving training based in Central Coast, Newcastle, Campbelltown, Penrith, Wollongong and Blue Mountains. At Core Driving School we specialize in offering Heavy vehicle training and assessments, and Folklift Training as well as Bus Driver Authority licenses.  

We train people and make them fit to acquire different licenses including: 

*Multi Combination Truck license  

*Heavy Combination Truck license 

*Heavy Rigid Truck license  

*Medium Rigid Truck license 

*Light Rigid Truck license 

If you will entrust our driving school with your HC license needs, there are a range of advantages you are assured you will reap from us including: 

1. We are a Licensed and Insured Driving School  Core Driving School has a valid license and therefore enrolling in our driving classes means you will be seeking for the solutions of a legit institution that is authorized to provide driving classes by the Australian government.   Since our driving school is insured as well, any injury or damage you might suffer because of the error of our trainers attending to your needs will not be your responsibility. 

2. High Quality Driving Equipment and Experienced Trainers  Our firm has the best driving tools including modern trucks and other top-notch facilities. We also have professional drivers that train our clients, and who are qualified and experienced enough to deliver extremely reliable training outcomes. Therefore, by joining our driving school, be assured you will use top-notch facilities not to mention you will be offered great lessons by professional drivers that are extremely reliable. Be guaranteed that once we are done with you, you will be a pro truck driver who is qualified to operate in all the major highways. 

3. Affordable Services   In addition to offering you top-notch truck driving training that will help you qualify to apply and acquire a HC license, we will as well give you pocket friendly rates as fees for our driving courses you are rendered which you can comfortably afford.  Bottom Line   If you wish to know anything else connected to Core Driving School including the place you can find us, do not hesitate to call us soon for a consultation and estimate on all the different services we provide.