What You Can Drive With An MR Licence

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Campbelltown

Having a range of skills is always important so when you gain your MR licence (Medium Rigid) it opens you up to a variety of different types of trucks that you will be able to drive. Australia is built off the back of the trucking industry, with so many opportunities for the right person available, by obtaining the right licences, you can open up your career options. What can you drive with a MR licence (Medium Rigid)? Flat-bed trailers, refrigerated trucks, tow trucks- these are just some of the variety of trucks that you will be able to drive with an MR licence. Cement and fuel trucks come under this licence, along with boat haulage that requires being able tow a heavy-duty trailer or even trucks that transport average vehicles. Many of these jobs and types of trucks can pose safety risks from transporting hazardous materials, unstable objects or just due to the sheer size of the trucks alone, which is why having the best training and appropriate licence is important. Companies are always looking for skilled drivers in a range of different industries thus with an MR licence you are sure to gain employment. Through Core Driving School, you will be opened up to the possibilities in which you can take your truck driving career. Teaching you the skills required, helping you obtain your licence and instilling in you the values that will lead to a successful career, Core Driving School knows what it takes and are willing to help you on your way to a lucrative career as a truck driver.

Advantages of Being A Truck Driver

Unlike many jobs, having the skill of driving a truck, especially vehicles that come under the MR Licence (Medium Rigid), can lead you to various roles in so many different sectors and locations across Australia. With our country being so vast and so reliant on transport and export, without our truck drivers, many industries would collapse. Being a truck driver here in Australia means that you are a vital part of the Australian landscape but other than that, it is just a rewarding career. Whether you are driving across the Nullarbor or throughout places like Western Australia, truck driving will take you to see parts of Australia that so many others do not even know exist. Serenity, solitude and peaceful, those long hours on the open road are definitely worth the freedom and independence that comes with being a truck driver. Once trained and gaining your licence, particularly from a high-quality training provider like Core Driving School, you will have the opportunity to earn a decent wage without having the downside of a boss breathing down your neck while you work. Of course there are expectations and deadlines but when it is just you in that truck, it is all in your hands. From endless scenery, to the freedom of stopping and taking a break on your schedule and not on anybody else’s, there is nothing quite like being a truck driver, especially if you are doing those regional trips. Obtaining a MR Licence from Core Driving School will not only open you up to this world of possibility but they will also ensure that you can confidently go out and find the roles and jobs that are made just for you.

Tips to Keep in Mind

Now with every job there is a sort of romanticism but there is also risks involved, which is why ensuring you have a quality training provider is so important, especially when you are operating vehicles that come under a MR licence. Core Driving School will guide you on all the technical skills, take you through the assessments and show you exactly what you need to be aware of at all times. You can have all the information in the world but without the confidence to use it and the knowledge of how, it is useless. This is why the training at Core Driving School is so effective so by following the training you receive will ensure that you will be able to have a successful career. Safety and common sense though should always be at the forefront. Just like any job, the longer you do it, the more experience you will develop. Taking your time to unload properly, following safety protocols, ensuring your truck is well-maintained and making sure that you are taking the breaks you need, will not only mean that you will be completing your job effectively but your reputation of being a quality driver will proceed. This will lead to further opportunities. When you obtain your MR Licence (Medium Rigid) through Core Driving School, you will receive all the information on OH&S as well, so you can be sure once you are out on the road, you will be safe.