What is an HR Licence?

HR Licence, heavy rigid licence

What is an HR Licence? A HR licence, or Heavy Rigid licence, allows users to drive vehicles like trucks and buses that have a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than eight tonnes and with three or more axles. It also allows people to drive articulated vehicles, for example buses and towed trailers that do not have more than nine tonnes of GVM. In order to attain this licence or start training to get this licence you need to have had a C-class licence or equivalent for two or more years and this needs to be a full licence or Provisional licence (P1&P2) and not a learners permit. If you have been on your provisional licence for two years, once you have your P2’s you are eligible to start training. The other requirements are to pass a HR knowledge test as well an eyesight test. Once you meet this criteria, you can seek out the help of professionals to help you train to get your HR Licence. When you ask yourself “what is an HR licence?”, Core Driving School can help explain this and offers one-on-one training that is run by professional and licenced instructors. We can help you attain the skills needed to pass the assessment, named the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). We provide the test vehicle, which is an at least three-axle rigid vehicle. With a GVM of more than fifteen tonnes and in-cabin video cameras and GPS technology fitted to mitigate issues and risk, you will be able have an accurate record of you accomplishing the skills needed to pass the HVCBA Final Competency Assessment. That way when it comes time to gaining your HR Licence, with Core Driving School, you can ensure you are ready and competent to drive.

You Can Gain Your HR Licence!

Mornings and afternoons, seven days a week, RMS Accredited heavy vehicle licence training assessment provider Core Driving School in Sydney can provide you with the ability to gain your vehicle specific licences, including your HR Licence. Whether it is Light Rigid Licences, Medium Rigid Licences, Heavy Rigid Licences or Multi Combination Licences (also known as a B Double Truck Licence), our school has the right space to learn. What is an HR licence? Well, Core Driving School can take you on a journey of discovery of this heavy vehicle licence to drive truck and buses. We have schools around the NSW’s region; you can find us in Sydney, Newcastle, the Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith. From one day courses to ensure your abilities to training you from the ground up to operate, we are able to assess and qualify you as a heavy vehicle driver, granted you meet the all the other requirements. By operating in multiple locations and offering sessions twice a day, seven days a week, you are sure to find a time that works in with your schedule so you can get your license as soon as possible. As an accredited driving school, you can be sure that we are always following the RMS and Work Cover standards and regulations, ensuring that our staff and school is not just operating with but passing on efficient and effective safety standards, reducing the chances of any workplace injuries and keeping the public safe. ‘Paul and Jackson travelled from Newcastle to attend the HR Truck Licence with us and passed with flying colours’; that is the standard we want for our driving school so find out how we can help you be like Paul and Jackson today.

The Requirements For Your HR Licence

As an accredited school, when you ask yourself “what is an HR licence?”, chances are that our recommended instruction and assessment school, Core Driving School can offer you training and an assessment on your ability to obtain a HR licence. We make it our duty to deliver the best quality training to our students. We want to ensure that everybody who comes through our school can competently, confidently and safely manoeuvre heavy vehicles. If you are wondering how to get your HR licence, then contacting Core Driving School is the answer. In order to get on your journey and obtain a Heavy Vehicles HVCBA Learner’s Logbook and copy of the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment to start your training, you must meet certain prerequisites. This includes completing a Licence Application Form, having valid proof of identity, successfully passing an eye test and medical assessment (if necessary), passing the written Heavy Vehicle Licence assessment and of course, paying the required fee. Once you meet these guidelines, you will receive your logbook and guide so you will know exactly what you need to complete to pass. Our instructors will be able to tick off these task and skills, and then complete your final assessment. If you are still wanting to know what is an HR licence and how to get this, then contact our team at Core Driving School to find your closest location, so you can get the best advice and training from day one of your journey.