Truck licence courses with Core Driving School

Truck licensing courses with Core Driving School

The Truck Licensing courses with Core Driving school has trained a vast variety of customers recently. The training center at Wetherill Park has the capacity to train up to 6 students a day in all classes of truck training, however we do cover other areas such as Newcastle, Central Coast, Penrith, Wollongong and Sydney,

On Wednesday our truck licensing courses with Core Driving school had a wonderful older gentleman and his wife attend for Light Rigid and Medium Rigid licence upgrades. Graham and Mary have decided to spend their retirement years touring Australia in their motor-home. The purchase of the motor-home had prompted them to both be able to drive a Light Rigid vehicle.

Graham chose the medium rigid so he could be slightly more skilled if needed for a medium sized vehicle and Mary chose Light Rigid so she could also drive their motor home. Both Graham & Mary had a successful day of training and assessment and could not stop smiling on the completion of their licence upgrades. Core Driving School would sincerely like to wish these 2 happy people total enjoyment in their travels around Australia.

Earlier in the week Mario requested information on how to start the truck licencsing courses with Core Driving School, to be able to operate the newly purchased company truck. Mario was advised to attend RMS center and complete his knowledge test and to call back when his log book was issued.

Having flexible training and assessment schedule at Core Driving School, Mario was exited to have finally booked his truck licence upgrade. Being limited on time Mario has had extensive practice driving a Heavy Rigid vehicle for his current employer. Core Driving school understands the need for as little down time as possible for employees.

Core Driving school booked Mario into a training session for Saturday afternoon and a FCA on his morning off on Sunday. By being creative with the bookings and understanding of customer schedules Core Driving School can reduce the overall impact for employees gaining new skills.

John has been driving trucks for the last 10 years and has recently decided to change career and operate Busses instead. The love for the road and as a professional heavy vehicle operator has given John the opportunity to swap vehicles without a licence change.

John has completed his passenger bus driver authority and is now licenced to deliver passengers safely around Australia. John is grateful that there was an opportunity to change what he did professionally but staying within the transport industry. the truck licensing courses with Core Driving School found John to be a well-educated extremely professional driver, now with the ability to be employed as a passenger bus driver. Good Luck John.

the truck licensing courses with Core Driving School had 17 customers have attended training sessions that ranged from five and a half hours through to 16 hours. All 17 of these customers have upgraded their licence over one or two days. The largest truck licence that a customer can upgrade to is a multi-combination licence this enables customers to step into interstate road hauling. A multi-combination licence can be upgraded from a Heavy rigid licence by attending 2 days of on road training and a final competency assessment. 8 customers of the recent 17 have upgraded to multi-combination and are now set to continue their career in the transport industry.