Truck Driver Training in Sydney

When it comes time to learn how to drive a truck, it is important to find a company that is reputable and reliable. Here at Core Driving school, we are not only a top-notch business, but we offer the cheapest truck driving courses in Australia. As an approved heavy vehicle accreditation organisation and an innovative provider for Heavy Vehicle competency-based training, our depot in Wetherill Park is a popular place to visit for those who are in need of training. On top of truck licencing, we also offer additional options such as forklift licences and bus driver authority licences. We pride ourselves on placing an emphasis on high safety standards that reduce workplace injuries and ensure public safety. We achieve this by strictly adhering to the RMS and Work Cover standards and regulations. Furthermore, our friendly staff and assessors are dedicated to ensuring that the learning experience is the best it can possibly be. We even have a pass success rate of over 80% and offer a money back guarantee for those who aren’t satisfied with our services. We want our students to have peace of mind knowing that they have come to the right place to participate in training and that they will walk away with powerful and essential knowledge that they didn’t have before. Here is a closer look at some of the truck courses that we offer.

LR (Light Rigid Truck Licence)

Many businesses and companies will need their employees to have at the very least a light rigid truck licence. This includes small trucks with a gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to 8 tonnes, towed trailers that weigh below 9 tonnes GVM, and buses that seat more than 12 adults including the driver with a GVM of up to 8 tonnes. LR licences are available at Core Driving school for those who pass the LR knowledge test, who pass an eyesight test and for those who have the correct licence requirements (usually a class C licence but contact our team for more information). The course is run in two parts, the first with a trainer and the second with an assessor. We have had many happy students come through our LR course, many of which train with us so they are able to drive an ambulance and get started in their new profession.

MR (Medium Rigid Truck Licence)

A medium rigid licence is often needed for trucks and buses with a GVM more than 8 tonnes and 2 axles, as well as towed trailers that weigh 9 tonnes GVM or below. Anyone can participate in this course who have held a class C licence (not including learner drivers) or equivalent for one year or more. Any time spent on a P1 licence counts, but students can’t practice driving an MR vehicle, or upgrade to an MR licence until they hold a P2 or full class C licence. Additionally, an eyesight test must be completed and passed as well as the MR knowledge test. To make things easier for those wanting to participate in this course, we offer flexible training hours with morning and afternoon options. We pride ourselves on giving students the fundamental skills to drive a MR truck and feel confident when doing so.

HR (Heavy Rigid Truck Licence)

The heavy rigid licence is our most popular course as the licence can be used to drive trucks and buses with a GVM more than 8 tonnes and 3 or more axles, towed trailers weighing 9 tonnes GVM or less as well as bendy buses. All our truck courses are available 7 days a week, making it super easy to book in around a busy work schedule. Beginner truck drivers can learn the principles of handling a heavy truck correctly and will be able to do so safely and with confidence.

HC (Heavy Combination Truck Licence)

The heavy combination licence is needed for those who want to drive trucks with a single trailer (otherwise known as a semi-trailer). This can include options such as prime movers, truck and dogs, pig trailers, floats as well as low loaders. The following steps must be completed to participate in this popular course. Drivers must have held a MR or HR Licence open or P class for at least 12 months, must complete and pass the driver knowledge test with the RMS, pass the on-road HC practical with our school, pass a competency assessment with our school and ensure they have a medical certificate if necessary for the class of licence they are applying for.

MC (Multi Combination Truck Licence)

For those wanting to move up from a HC licence to a MC licence, we recommend getting some experience with using one trailer first which is highly favoured by insurance companies and employers. Many people apply for this course who wish to handle B-Doubles, road trains and prime movers. To get this licence, drivers need to complete a Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment. These assessments are available to complete here at Core Driving School.