Tips On Being A Truck Driver

LR Truck Licence Sydney

There are a plethora of tips on truck driving effectively and safely after you have gained your heavy vehicle licence through Core Driving School. It is highly-important to follow the truck training and technical know-how of navigating the heavy vehicle as well as utilising your common sense in certain situations. Safety is of the utmost importance and you should be aware of this at all times. As the time goes on with your truck or bus driving experience, you will build up further skills to truly be a quality driver and one that companies will fall over backwards to hire you. Taking time to load and unload properly is part of the on-the-job truck training so that the truck is not overweighed or the items are not placed in ways that can cause damage or place too much weight on one side. Furthermore, you should load and unload according to Occupational, Health & Safety (OH&S) regulations and guidelines as well as company policies and procedures. Go the extra distance and ensure that you do everything by the book and you will likely be appreciated if not awarded for it.

Why Truck Drivers Love Their Jobs

Truck driving is actually synonymous with the Australian transport industry for primary produce and agriculture. Truckies in their singlets and Stubbies are commonly seen and travel all across Australia at times including making the big long Nullarbor trip between the Eastern states and Western Australia. As Western Australia is so remote from any other city within Australia, truck drivers make long haul drives pulling over on the stops on the side of the Nullarbor for kips, all in the name of getting good produce across the country to service Perth and regional WA. But what are the benefits of being a truck driver and gaining truck training with Core Driving School? Why do they love their jobs so much? If you love being out on the open road listening to music and singing along too if you feel like it, truck driving is a great job for you. The road is king as they say and the truck driver gains many rewards from being on the road transporting goods across Australia. Once you have completed your truck training and are out on the road, it is usually well-paid work due to the hours and the importance of the role. If you also enjoy your own company, travelling along as a truck driver is one job where you don’t have to interact with many people and can enjoy your own company, eat when you need to, nap when you feel it is necessary and listen to the music as loud as you wish, not like being stuck in an office. It might seem like an endless horizon travelling across to see many sunrises and sunsets and capturing the essence of the Australian landscape, the land of contrast with its ocean views, sand dunes, red dirt and forests. If you are planning on aiming to finance your dreams of a freight company business of your own, gaining truck training and experience in the field is highly-integral so you understand the inner workings of the industry.

The Potential Interview Questions For Being A Truck Driver

You might be nervously preparing for an interview for a truck or bus driver role after you have successfully completed your truck driving and have your heavy vehicle licence in hand, you need some coaching on how to handle the interview process. Here are some common questions you may be asked and the best way to answer them. One question could be ‘how much experience do you have as a commercial semi-truck driver?’ and your answer will depend on your experience but as much as some people might tell you to provide a gloss over of your experience, it is optimal to be truthful about the experience you have. Some companies might wish to engage in truck training from the ground up (further to the course you completed with Core Driving School) and model you into the type of truck driver they wish to have on their team so extensive experience may not be a hindrance to you gaining that role. Another question might be ‘how do you plan and organise your route?’ This question is important for you to demonstrate your efficiency and the way you engage in goal-setting and mapping out optimal routes. Many companies will provide you with a specified route for the day and you follow that within the schedule while others may like you to plan out your route according to the least amount of travel distance thus cost savings. You should include how to you deal with traffic incidents, construction which impacts traffic and bad weather. ‘Have you ever dealt with a shipment delay and how did you manage that?’ is another question an employer might ask and you need to be honest about whether this happened to you and how you managed the situation through communication and trying to achieve efficiency despite delays. Everyone is aware that truck drivers are often on the road for long haul drives and there needs to be motivation to keep on driving though when you need to sleep, it is time to pull over at a truck stop or other pull-over stop on the side of the main roads or highways. If you are asked how you would manage motivation to keep on driving, be realistic. They don’t just want to hear about your umpteen number of coffees; they might want to hear about your family commitments, providing financial support to your family, listening to music and engaging with the surroundings and your personal goals of achieving success.