The Pros of Gaining Your HR Licence

HR (heavy rigid) Roadranger Student

Upskilling and diversifying your qualifications always comes with significant advantages, especially if you are either in the transport field or looking to get into it. Obtaining your Heavy Rigid or HR licence will open up a world of opportunities and you can be assured, there is no feeling quite like it. Being behind the wheel of a truck, bus or any vehicle that is compliant with a HR licence is an amazing feeling, especially when you have just received your licence and have been able to land the role you want. There are so many perks to being a truck driver; while the hours may be long, they can be quite flexible and the freedom of you being on the open road for work is once that cannot be replaced. Like with any job, you do have to work your way up the ranks but after receiving your licence and being trained by experienced instructors, the time and effort you invest if you stick to what you have been taught will pay off. There are not many offices in the world that allow you the freedom of listening to whatever you want on the radio, give you scenery or have you seeing places that you have not before. Having your HR licence (Heavy Rigid) and working as a truck driver, especially in Australia, is an exciting and diverse career that will have you wandering why you did not get your HR licence sooner.

HC and HR Licences

If your goal is to be versatile in what you can drive, then obtaining the variations of Heavy Combination and Multi-Combination truck licence will lead you to more opportunities. A Heavy Combination (HC) licence will give you the necessary permission to drive any vehicles that fall under a HR Licence (Heavy Rigid). These vehicles include semi-trailers, including prime movers and low-loaders. It is important though if you are planning to obtain these licences, that you must be prepared to undergo expert training by qualified assessors. While there is a lot of positives behind taking on roles that require vehicles under a HR licence (Heavy Rigid), it is also imperative to understand the safety of yourself and others on the road while you are operating them. The bigger the vehicle, the more risk involved; that is why investing in quality training is not just for the safety of others but it will also do wonders in instilling the confidence in you to be able to operate these vehicles safely and efficiently. This will translate into your work and will lead to you having a successful career as a truck driver. Along with a Heavy Combination Licence, a Multi-Combination licence is also helpful, especially for those looking to work in the mining and trucking industries. Allowing you to operate a range of different vehicles from B-Double trucks to road trains, you will be ready to take on what is required. This is why Core Driving School is the ultimate place to undergo training to learn all the aspects of driving with a Heavy Combination and/or Multi-Combination licence. From safety to general knowledge, Core Driving School ensures that all students walk away not just qualified but confident in their abilities and knowledgeable enough to be able to successfully undertake any truck driving role that matches their licencing. 

The Braking Systems

You do not need to have an HR licence (Heavy Rigid) to know that understanding the braking system of a truck is an essential part of driving one. Maintaining and understanding your braking system is important for the safety of all those around, not just the driver. The impact of when a truck is involved in an accident can be catastrophic so ensuring that your braking system is well-maintained is just one of the ways to avoid any accidents. One of the most commonly used systems is the air braking system therefore understanding the mechanics, like the role of the air compressor and ensuring that the oil and belt or gear is well maintained is vital to ensuring the safe operation. Another type of brake is the exhaust brake, which are a great brake for trucks that are driving at night, especially around residential areas, as they are a lot quieter.  The Jake’s brake is also a great system, especially if you are travelling through hilly and mountainous regions, as the stopping power prevents a lot of wear and tear on the braking system. Regardless of what type of system your truck has, the message is still the same: understand your system and keep it maintained- which is something you will learn when obtaining your HR licence (Heavy Rigid).