LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licence

Get your Truck Licence with CORE Truck Licence with CORE Driving School at Wetherill Park. Core Truck Driving School is the most reputable heavy vehicle driving school in NSW. Nationally Accredited by ASQA and RMS to deliver heavy vehicle training and assessments. for more info please visit us via or call 0449-82-CORE. Todays blog is about Imelda, Vinay and Abrhaem's truck licence upgrade. Imelda … [Read more...]

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School. At Core Driving School we conduct all heavy vehicle licensing and run our courses 7 days a week. To suit your schedule we have flexible training hours, you can choose to do your training early morning or start training in the afternoon. Educating the next Aussie generation truck drivers is our goal by ensuring safety to public, truck drivers and other road users is our priority. All students must pass 15 criteria's during the training sessions with our … [Read more...]

Light Rigid LR Truck Licence Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong & Penrith

At Core Driving School we conduct Training and Assessment for Light Rigid LR Truck Licence courses 7 days a week and cover area’s in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast, Penrith and Campbelltown. Our trainers and assessors are committed to ensure your learning and experience are no less than perfect, we promise satisfaction or your money back guaranteed. Our light rigid LR truck licence training start 7 am and usually … [Read more...]

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence

Get Your Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence in 3 easy steps, first you would need to pass the RMS Knowledge test. Second you would need to complete training with us. Third pass your final assessment with us as well. At Core Driving School we train all licence classes of Trucks. Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence however is the most popular licence class most people are going for. Driving with a Heavy Rigid HR Truck licence can be demanding and is very  important to abide by the driver, fatigue laws … [Read more...]

How to get a LR, MR, HR, HC Truck Licence

TRUCK TRAINING WITH CORE DRIVING SCHOOL In order to hold a Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence, you first must complete a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)  with the RMS. Once DKT is completed, you can choose Truck Training Course with a school of your choice. Once you have passed your DKT, you would receive 2 books (Guide book & Log book). We would need the guide book to train and educate you on all the necessary criteria's and the Log book to be filled out on all the training components/criteria's … [Read more...]