LR LICENCE At Core Driving School we conduct LR licence in Sydney area 7 days a week. All University candidates that are going for the NSW Paramedics/Ambulance services have special rates with us and we would be happy to assist with one-on-one training at our Wetherill Park training facility. The LR licence in Sydney area is an heavy vehicle training and assessment course. Core Driving School conducts these Truck training and licence on a daily basis with flexible training hours to suit your … [Read more...]

LR Truck Licence in Sydney

At Core Driving School we offer a high quality Heavy Vehicle training and assessment, this includes the LR Truck Licence in Sydney. We run the Light Rigid LR Truck Licence course 7 days a week and have flexible training and assessment hours to suit your schedule. Being an Heavy Vehicle Training Organisation, we pride our-self's by delivering high standards. Candidates of the NSW Ambulance Service attend our Light Rigid  LR Truck Licence in Sydney, this course consists of one-on-one … [Read more...]