MR Licence

MR Licence

MR Licence MR Licence with Core Truck Driving School usually takes 1 day to complete as long as you are competed. MR Licence training course starts usually at 6 am and training ends around  midday 12 - 1 pm. The MR Licence training and assessment usually involves 13 - 14 criterion's if the training is conducted with a bus, a bus stop procedure would have to be assessed as well. BOOK NOW!!! Why Choose Core Truck Driving School for your MR Licence upgrade??? Core Truck Driving School is a … [Read more...]

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training

Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Core Driving School is a Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Organisation, conducting training and assessments on every day basis. When it comes time to learn how to drive a truck, it is important to find a company that is reputable and reliable of providing you with heavy vehicle driver training. Here at Core Driving school, we are not only a top-notch business, but we offer high quality heavy vehicle driver training in Australia. As an approved innovative provider for … [Read more...]

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School. At Core Driving School we conduct all heavy vehicle licensing and run our courses 7 days a week. To suit your schedule we have flexible training hours, you can choose to do your training early morning or start training in the afternoon. Educating the next Aussie generation truck drivers is our goal by ensuring safety to public, truck drivers and other road users is our priority. All students must pass 15 criteria's during the training sessions with our … [Read more...]

Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence – Ways to get a HV Licence

As a professional driver who holds a heavy vehicle driver licence, you have additional obligations and responsibilities to the people you share the road with. A heavy vehicle driver licence carries special responsibilities. Like your private car driver licence, it is a "contract or agreement between you as a driver and the rest of society, However as a professional driver, you must meet certain conditions ads rule that apply only to drivers of heavy vehicles. Ways to get a heavy vehicle driver … [Read more...]