Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW

The Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW is an Accredited Training and Assessment course. We at Core Driving School specialise in training and assessment for all heavy vehicle licensing. The heavy rigid (HR) truck licence in NSW is run 7 days a week and offers flexible training hours. As a professional Heavy Vehicle Truck training School we specialise in Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence NSW by educate young truck drivers the principles of handling a HR truck safely and competently. The … [Read more...]

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Training School. At Core Driving School we conduct all heavy vehicle licensing and run our courses 7 days a week. To suit your schedule we have flexible training hours, you can choose to do your training early morning or start training in the afternoon. Educating the next Aussie generation truck drivers is our goal by ensuring safety to public, truck drivers and other road users is our priority. All students must pass 15 criteria's during the training sessions with our … [Read more...]

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence

Get Your Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence in 3 easy steps, first you would need to pass the RMS Knowledge test. Second you would need to complete training with us. Third pass your final assessment with us as well. At Core Driving School we train all licence classes of Trucks. Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence however is the most popular licence class most people are going for. Driving with a Heavy Rigid HR Truck licence can be demanding and is very  important to abide by the driver, fatigue laws … [Read more...]

Get Your HR Truck Licence NSW

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence NSW . Core Driving School offers  the restricted and unrestricted HR Truck Licence NSW course witch allows you to drive auto and Synchronised gear boxes, our speciality is the unrestricted HR truck licence NSW also known as the crash box. Unrestricted would give you an open truck licence and would allow you to drive all types of gearboxes. All our Truck courses are held and usually completed in 1 day unless students require more training. Students must learn … [Read more...]