Multiple Truck Licence Variations

You might have heard of the Light Rigid heavy vehicle licence for smaller passenger buses or small trucks or you might know someone with a Heavy Rigid or Multi-Combination licence as they drive larger trucks and articulated vehicles such as bendy buses but there are more licences available to suit various requirements. The Light Rigid (LR) heavy vehicle licence is the one that provides you with the capability of driving buses such as the Toyota Coaster and small trucks with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of up to eight tonnes; it is an easy licence for you to gain through Core Driving School as we are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) and perform the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). It enables you to drive small buses that might take tours around wine valley regions such as the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Next up in the scale is the Medium Rigid (MR) licence which provides the opportunity to drive trucks and buses with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) above eight tonnes and with two axles and any towed trailer weighing no more than nine tonnes. It’s a great licence to get you entry into the truck and bus driving field if that’s where you aim to be. The Heavy Rigid (HR) licence is common for people working in the mining industry and enables you to drive a truck or bus with a GVM of more than eight tonnes and with three or more axles as well as articulated vehicles. Not only enabling you to work in the mining industry but an HR licence can offer opportunities for freight companies such as Toll, TNT, DHL and Australia Post. The aforementioned truck licence variations are offered by Core Driving School and we aim to help you pass your assessment with flying colours so you are ready for the launch of your next career step. 

Heavy Combination And Multi Combination Truck Licence Variations

If you plan to go all out and obtain the higher heavy vehicle licences which offers more versatility in what you can drive, the Heavy Combination and Multi Combination truck licence variations are optimal. The Heavy Combination licence offers you the choice to drive semi-trailers including prime movers and low-loaders and it is imperative that you have the necessary skills to successfully navigate these heavy vehicles with premium knowledge, expertise and safety. Core Driving School will train you on all the aspects of driving with a Heavy Combination licence and the safety mechanisms as well as safety knowledge required when operating such large vehicles. Since we are an accredited training organisation and offer the HVCBA to pass you on your training, you can gain entry into the truck driving industry quicker through completing training and assessment with us. A Multi Combination heavy vehicle licence allows you to drive vehicles with more than one trailer such as B-Double trucks, road trains, prime movers, low loader dolly and low loader trailer combination vehicles. This is a fantastic licence for the mining and trucking industries and requires you to pass your training with Core Driving School with safety knowledge and expertise in managing the vehicle on the road. Truck licence variations such as the Heavy Combination and Multi Combination offers versatility in what you can drive and therefore increases your chances of employment.

What About A Forklift Licence?

Not everyone needs a forklift licence, however it is really useful to obtain one for various industries and roles. With this licence, you can be a Forklift Operator, Forklift Mechanic, a Warehouse Worker or Manager, Construction Worker, Dock Worker or even a Brewery, Museum or Prop and Movie Set Worker. This forklift licence offers you versatility and flexibility in the roles you can apply for providing you have sufficient experience in the industry you are aiming for. The Forklift Licence is issued by WorkCover in New South Wales which grants you the ability to perform high risk work and the licence is nationally recognised across Australian states and territories. You must hold a valid Forklift Licence in order to operate a forklift at any time and if you do so without one, you compromise safety of workers and items, insurance and the business operations. Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved by WorkCover can train and assess you for a Forklift Licence. Core Driving School aims to help you succeed in your training of the different truck licence variations and achieve your goal to take the next step in your career.