MR licence – Everything you need to know

What is a MR licence and when will a person need to have one?

There are many Australians out there who are curious about what exactly a MR licence is, and in what circumstances they will need to have one. There are many different jobs which will require a MR licence, so it is important that people are informed about what that entails. A MR truck is otherwise known as a Medium Rigid truck (or bus). This means that it has a GVM (Gross Vehicle Mass) of more than 8 tonnes and 2 axles. It also means that any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM. There are many different trades and professions out there that will require a worker to drive one of these larger vehicles such as a courier, a warehouse manager, a security vehicle driver, someone who works in construction or road maintenance, a farm worker, a bus driver, or something else entirely such as motoring journalist. Whatever the type of job may be, the only way that someone can be legally allowed to drive such a vehicle is by obtaining a MR licence. Most jobs out there will not hire someone unless they have this qualification first, however, many positions do change and evolve so a person may need to obtain this in order to progress in their career. This can lead to more money and more job satisfaction. Furthermore, obtaining a licence will ensure that drivers are confident and safe on the roads which will make Australia a safer place to drive all around.

Where to go to obtain a MR licence

For a person who is looking to obtain their MR licence, or a business who is looking to organise one for an employee, they are able to book a Medium Ridge licence course here with us at Core Driving School. This can easily be done by visiting our website and pressing the “book now” button. For anyone who is wanting to get more information about our courses before booking, they can also find this in detail on our website. Similarly, more information can be gained or a booking can be made by calling us on 0499 822 673. We have many people come to our school to learn for many different reasons. One of the main reasons is because we offer the cheapest truck licence courses in Australia guaranteed. Furthermore, we run our courses 7-days a week. This means that we are able to cater to people will all sorts of different schedules. Furthermore, our courses are 1-day courses meaning that people don’t have to waste a whole weekend in order to gain their MR licence. Because of all of the different advantages that we offer, we know that we here at Core Driving School are the best place to go when needing to obtain a MR truck licence.

What is needed to gain a MR licence

There are a few different things that are required before a MR licence can be obtained. One of the first things is an eye test. Secondly, a MR knowledge test must also be passed. Students are able to view a demonstration of the test on our website before they participate in our 1-day course. Finally, a student must have held a class C licence or equivalent for one year or more (learners do not count towards this). From here students are able to get started with their course and can then be educated on the principles of handling a MR vehicle safely and competently. We place a high emphasis on safety standards so workplaces who are training their employees can have peace of mind. This not only reduces workplace injury but it also ensures public safety. On top of all of this, our staff are extremely friendly as well as professional. We find that students will learn more easily when they feel comfortable and will be more likely to ask important questions. Because of our approach, we have an 80% pass rate and we will never put someone through unless we believe they are completely competent. To solidify all of this we even offer a money back guarantee. So for those out there who are needing to obtain a MR licence for work or pleasure, we are certain that they will be satisfied with our training courses. Everyone deserves to be safe on the road and it is our mission to ensure that this occurs.


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