Medium Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

Medium Rigid Truck Licence Sydney course is an heavy vehicle competency based assessment course and we conduct these courses 7 days a week.  Our heavy vehicle training and assessment program offers flexible training hours, conducting training early morning and in the afternoons to suit your schedule.

In order for us to get you started, you would need to…

Medium Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

Medium Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

1st. complete the knowledge test at the RMS.

2nd. we book you for the medium rigid truck licence Sydney training course.

3rd. we conduct your final assessment (FCA)

At the end of the medium rigid truck licence Sydney course you would receive a certificate of competency. The Certificate of competency (COC) would need to be presented to the RMS in order to receive your medium rigid licence upgrade.

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Course


Trucks and buses need more space to turn wide or cut into traffic so please give enough space on either side of your vehicle to avoid collision. A vehicle that is 7.5 metres or longer and has a DO NOT OVERTAKE  TURNING VEHICLE sign displayed on the back, can trun right from the lane on the immediate left or the far right lane.

Plan your turn early so that you are in the correct part of the intersection and you have tie to signal. Avoid turning too soon because the side of the your vehicle may hit vehicles on your right as the back of your vehicle cuts in to the turn.

In a road with two right turn lanes, always use the turning lane on the far left.

All vehicles of 7.5 meters  or longer may display the words DO NOT OVERTAKE TURNING VEHICLE sign.

As a professional Medium Rigid Truck Licence Sydney School, we educate young truck drivers the principles of handling a medium rigid truck safely and competently.

At Core Driving School we deliver high standards of Truck training and ensure all students understand the fundamentals of handling a heavy vehicle.