Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Campbelltown

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Campbelltown is an Accredited Training and Assessment course provided by Core Driving School. At our Sydney base we conduct these courses 7 days a week and offer 1 or 2 day courses with flexible training hours, conducting training early morning and in the afternoons to suit your schedule.

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Course

In order for us to get you started, you would need to…

1st. complete the knowledge test with the RMS.

2nd. we book you for the medium rigid (MR) training course.

3rd. we conduct your final assessment (FCA)

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Campbelltown

Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence Campbelltown

At the end of the medium rigid MR truck licence Campbelltown course you would receive a certificate of competency. The Certificate of competency (COC) would need to be presented to the RMS in order to receive your medium rigid licence upgrade.

MR Truck Licence Safety Tips: National Driving Hours Regulation

The Road Transport regulations contains provisions relating the management of heavy vehicle driver fatigue. The regulation applies to drivers of regulated heavy vehicles and to parties in the supply chain whose activities influence the conduct of heavy vehicle drivers in such a way as to affect the drivers fatigue. the Regulations sets the maximum hours of work and minimum rest periods for drivers of regulated heavy vehicles.

a regulated heavy vehicle is a:

  • Heavy truck with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of over 12 tonnes or a truck and trailer combinations, if the combined GVM is over 12 tonnes.
  • Bus that seats more than 12 adults including driver.

Core Driving School educates, trains and assess for Heavy Vehicle licensing. Conducting training and assessment for up to 15 criteria’s. For all our heavy vehicle courses we provide a high standard ensuring all new truck are found competent of handling a heavy vehicle. Includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck and bus driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities for all class of heavy vehicle licence’s.


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