Medium-Rigid Licence: An MR Licence With Core Driving School

MR Truck Licence Sydney


Among the heavy vehicle licences which you can obtain through Core Driving School is the Medium-Rigid licence otherwise known as an MR licence and we help you to excel at driving heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicle licence training begins with Core Driving School and your assessment for obtaining your licence ends with us too; we are the one-stop company for obtaining a heavy vehicle licence. We deliver training on Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR licence), Heavy Rigid (HR) and a Multi Combination (MC) truck licence.

Accredited by Roads and Maritime Services (RMS), Core Driving School caters for the diverse requirements of our clientele to learn the necessary skills to navigate driving heavy vehicles. Operating from Sydney to Newcastle, the Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith, Core Driving School has you covered to gain your MR licence or another heavy vehicle licence that you intend to achieve.

A one-day course is all it takes for you to learn how to manoeuvre a heavy vehicle on the road and Core Driving School trainers will be with you every step of the way from comprehensive training including explanation and advice on skills to the assessment which will determine your fitness to drive a heavy vehicle and achieve an MR licence or LR, HR or MC licence.

What Does An MR Licence Involve?

A Medium Rigid or MR licence allows you to drive a heavy vehicle with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than eight tonnes and with two axles and the capacity to tow a trailer that does not weigh more than nine tonnes GVM. To apply for an MR licence, you need to have been in possession of a C class Australian driver’s licence for more than one year (this does not include Learner licences) and you can practice driving an MR vehicle when you hold a P2 plate licence or full C class. You will be required to pass the MR licence knowledge test, an eyesight test and pass a Roads and Maritime driving test.

An MR licence is one of the more common licence upgrades which people undertake in order to drive heavy vehicle loads for employment opportunities; you gain the knowledge and skills to drive a vehicle with an MR licence that could be either a truck or a bus depending on the type of work which you are seeking. When you complete the MR licence course with Core Driving School, it will enable you to drive automatic and synchromesh manual vehicles. A synchromesh gearbox does not require you to double clutch because the gearbox has synchro rings which match the gear according to the engine revs. Most medium rigid vehicles for you to drive with an MR licence will have automatic and synchromesh manual gearboxes so you will learn about these during your training.


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The MR Licence Course

At Core Driving School, we understand that every driver has different needs and wishes for their learning; some aim for an MR licence while others wish to obtain an LR or HR licence depending on the heavy vehicle load which they aim to drive. Everyone has unique driving experiences and they each have particular employment prospects that they are aiming for so an MR licence provides an opportunity to expand upon the potential employment opportunities as a truck or bus driver carrying a suitable heavy vehicle load. Our course will involve comprehensive training on driving a medium rigid vehicle and the skills and expertise to navigate the vehicle successfully.

This can include pre-operational checks, start, move off, managing steering and gears as well as the brakes and accelerator. Aside from road rules and directions, the course will entail effective reversing, hill stop and start and managing crash avoidance space. These are all important factors in learning how to safely drive a medium rigid vehicle and it is crucial that you comprehend the necessary procedures as well as gain the required skills for navigating the vehicle.

An MR licence offers a plethora of opportunities and is a worthy investment to make if you are considering a career in trucking or bus driving. Core Driving School can help you gain access to employment opportunities by fulfilling the course requirements with you and ensuring that you can get on the road well-equipped with expertise and knowledge for managing your MR licence.

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