MC/B-Double Licence

b double truck licence

MC/B-Double Licence

Core Truck Driving School provides training and assessment on a daily basis for the MC/B-Double licence in NSW. The MC/B-Double licence can be a 1 day course as long as you are competent in all training criterion’s.

Core values safety and adhere’s by all standards and regulations given to us by the governing parties such as ASQA and the Transport of NSW. Being a Registered Training Organisation providing nationally and provincially accredited, courses that can be recognised nationally by ASQA and courses that are provided by the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) scheme, these courses are recognised by the Transport of NSW.

The MC/B-Double licence course can be completed in just 1 day if you meet all criteria’s, however going from HR to MC/B-Double licence is a minimum 2 day course. You would have to complete the HC licence component first and be competent at it, than 2nd day would be the MC/B-Double licence criterion’s and components. Once passed all necessary fields you would be put for a Final Competency Assessment (FCA).

Once you have passed the FCA for MC/B-Double licence, you would receive a certificate of competency. You would have to provide that to the RMS service centre and upgrade your licence to a MC/B-Double licence.

The hardest criteria to complete during the MC/B-Double licence course are.. Reversing the multiple trailers in a straight line for a minimum of 70 meters, being able to couple and uncouple bother trailers and being able to manoeuvre the long vehicle around tight B-Double rated streets and intersections. Its always recommended to go for the HC truck licence first and gain some experience first before obtaining upgrading to the MC/B-Double licence.

At Core Truck Driving School we pride our-self on what we do and we are darn good at it, our friendly staff, trainers and assessors are highly qualified and have the skills and knowledge to educate you; assuring you receive the expected training and assessment and upgrading you into a professional heavy vehicle operator. Safety is our main focus, everything we train you has to be done in the safest way possible.

Fore more information regarding the MC/B-Double licence, please contact us via or call 1800 00 CORE and our friendly staff will help you getting started.

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