LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licence

Get your LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licence with CORE

LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck licence at Core Truck Driving School

LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck licence at Core Truck Driving School

LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licence with CORE Driving School at Wetherill Park. Core Truck Driving School is the most reputable heavy vehicle driving school in NSW. Nationally Accredited by ASQA and RMS to deliver heavy vehicle training and assessments for LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licences.

Todays blog is about Imelda, Vinay and Abrhaem’s truck licence upgrade.

Imelda is an Ambulance student from Mount Annan studying NSW Paramedic as a career and eventually joining the NSW Ambulance team. Imelda is learning to drive a LR  – Light Rigid Truck Licence vehicle today, we will be training her in the Blacktown/Parramatta areas.

During the training, Imelda has successfully undertaken the accurate positioning of the vehicle on the road and experienced how to manoeuvre the Light Rigid vehicle safely in many diverse traffic situations to keep herself and all other road users safe.

Vinay is 27 years old from Blacktown and is currently working in the fresh produce family ran business. Due to the great growth of the business Viney he needs to upgrade to a Truck licence to operate a HR – Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Vehicle safely.

Vinay will be training in the Penrith area and will need to demonstrate competency before we can put him through final competency assessment (FCA). The HR truck licence Vinay was training in today is a recent model Mercedes and is Automatic.

Today Abrhaem has come to Wetherill Park from Old Guildford to upgrade to a HR Truck licence as he is aiming towards working in the transport industry and wants to train the skills needed to be safe and successful in the growing industry.

CORE Driving School will train all 3 students today for the truck licence upgrade, with 1 on 1 training and personalised delivery to suit each student. All student will be taught the required criteria from RMS NSW. After the many hours of training today all 3 students will be assessed independently by Core Driving School in house RMS approved assessors.

All students have completed the required criteria for national heavy vehicles and will be assessed according to the requirements of the NSW HVCBA scheme before being issued with their truck licence upgrade.

Core driving school delievers training and assessment for all licence classes, LR, MR, HR, HC and MC Truck Licence. We value safe and responsible driving skills and trains all students
accordingly. Safe driving is trained to the students by teaching them to read road conditions and react to changing situations in a manner that keeps the surrounding public and other road users safe.

Students are encouraged to stay in contact with core driving school as they progress through their new careers. Returning students enjoy coming back to core driving school and upgrading to the next level of truck licence available to them. Many students think it’s like coming to see an old friend as all trainers are friendly and welcoming.

BOOK your licence upgrade with Core Truck Driving School and be a part of our truck family, for more info please visit us via or call 1800 00 CORE.