LR Licence Sydney

The best place to go to get your LR Licence

There are many different jobs across Australia that will require their workers to obtain an LR licence (light rigid licence). This type of licence can include a vehicle that carries more than 12 passengers, rigid vehicles with two axles up to 8 tonnes or to tow a trailer of up to 9 tonnes. This can include smaller buses, box vans, as well as light rigid trucks. Driving a light rigid truck is a huge responsibility as it is a vehicle that is larger in size than regular vehicles on the road. Because of this, it is imperative to keep Australian roads safe by ensuring that truck drivers are adequately trained and licensed. Similarly, a worker may be using their LR licence to drive construction vehicles or machinery, and again need to ensure that they are able to do so safely. Some people will like to start out with a LR licence so they can get used to driving larger vehicles and will then move their way up to larger options again (such as heavy rigid). Many workplaces will take having a licence very seriously and so many won’t even let their workers on site until they have obtained their licences. But not all training schools are the same and it is important to find somewhere that will provide the best service possible so that drivers will feel confident when they are out in the real world and are driving their light rigid vehicles.

Study with us here at Core Driving School

When it comes time to getting your LR licence, the best place to go is somewhere that is accredited and that provides competency-based training and assessments. We tick all of these boxes here at Core Driving School and we offer a wide variety of licences for a wide variety of people across the west of Sydney and surrounds. The reason why so many people send their employees to us is because we offer the cheapest truck licence courses in Australia guaranteed. Having said this, our low prices do not reflect the fantastic service that we provide. All of our assessors are completely trained and ensure that their students leave their course feeling confident. To best achieve this, we even offer a money back guarantee for our courses. We are also quite popular because we offer 1-day course options. This means that people don’t have to waste several weekends of their lives training and can simply get it done all in one go. With so many amazing reviews from our past students, there is no reason not to book with us at Core Driving School today.

Obtain a LR licence to help advance your career

Many of our students visit us here at Core Driving School because they want to use their LR licence to advance their career. For some, this means starting a completely new career, whereas for others it may simply be a requirement for their current one. For example, many successful graduates of our course will go on to begin their career in shuttle bus driving. Others may be looking to become a school bus driver. Some will even require a LR licence, so they are able to drive an ambulance. While there are many different careers can that can be perused by taking one of our courses, some will simply enrol themselves so that they can learn new skills. Understanding the fundamentals of driving a large vehicle can be handy in many scenarios and is certainly a good skill to have in ones back pocket. Some people become so interested that they take the steps to becoming an assessor for such courses themselves.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why we here at Core Driving School are the best place for people to go to obtain their LR licence. We offer the best prices in all of Australia and we believe that we have the most dedicated and fun assessors. We are completely compliant in everything that we offer, and we are always striving to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in the trucking and heavy rigid industry. We take great pride in the fact that so many different people visit our school, and many end up returning to take another one of our courses. We understand how important it is to keep our roads safe here in Australia and we aim to play a part in obtaining this with our wide variety of courses.