Looking For An LR Truck Licence?

You’ve come to the right place: at Core Driving School, we offer a comprehensive one-day course for attaining your LR Truck Licence. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), we operate from Sydney to Newcastle, the Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith and so wherever you are in between and around these areas, we can cater for you. Not only that, we are open seven days a week to accommodate you around your work and life commitments as we understand that not everyone is available Monday to Friday to gain their LR Truck licence. Having this licence means you can drive small buses and trucks and we have many clients who complete the LR licence course for driving ambulances in New South Wales. A small truck may be one with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of up to eight tonnes while a small bus may be one that seats more than twelve adults including the driver and is up to eight tonnes too. An LR Truck licence also enables you to drive with a towed trailer weighing no more than nine tonnes. While the Medium Rigid (MR) and Heavy Rigid (HR) licences enable people to drive heavier vehicles with more Gross Vehicle Mass and articulated vehicles, the LR is popular for small tour bus operators and small school buses as well as for Ambulance Officers. Core Driving School understands the importance of driving vehicles safely and keeping your passengers safe so we teach you all the knowledge and skills to manage the vehicle as best as possible. Your future career could start here with an LR Truck Licence course.

What Do I Require?

There are obviously requirements for you to meet before you can gain your LR Truck Licence; we want you to meet the criteria to enable you to move forward with your career as a small bus tour operator or school bus driver or similar. Firstly, you need to have held a full C Class driver’s licence for twelve months or more – this does not mean Learners or P-Platers on the P1 level but holding a P2 level licence or a C Class is acceptable. Completing and submitting a Licence Application Form is part of the criteria for gaining your LR Truck Licence and providing acceptable proof of identity if required. You will also need to provide a medical report if required, pass an eyesight test and the LR knowledge test and pay the appropriate fee. From here you will gain the Heavy Vehicle HVCBA Learner’s Log Book and a copy of the Guide to Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment, both which you will utilise during the course and keep a log with accuracy. Throughout the course, your Core Driving School trainer will guide through the set of skills required to drive a vehicle on an LR Truck licence and will provide vast knowledge on safety and optimum operation of the vehicle. Our goal is to help you pass the competency assessment and be on your way to a career in bus or truck driving. Therefore, we equip students with all the necessary knowledge and expertise and we assess you against specific criteria to ensure that you have met the standards. At Core Driving School, we believe in quality hence our courses are premium-quality, comprehensive one-day courses which are aimed at giving you the right start to turn the key for your future.

Small Bus Tour Operator In Mind?

If you are planning on joining a travel tour operator company or even establishing your own business, having an LR Truck Licence is a right step in the direction. There is a plethora of tour companies and travel opportunities with companies in New South Wales and across Australia but there are advantages to a small tour operator company. For one, with your LR Truck licence, you can drive a Toyota Coaster of up to twenty-two seats around areas like the Hunter Valley and the Blue Mountains. Smaller buses such as the Light Rigid heavy vehicles are easier to navigate, more convenient to find parking at different locations as your tour along and what’s more, you can pay more attention to your guests or passengers as you don’t have a full large busload! It makes for a more intimate and personalised tour and the wineries around the Hunter Valley are likely to enjoy having as small tour group come through than a large group which are harder to manage and serve. If it’s your dream to be a small bus tour operator driver, then complete the LR Truck Licence course with Core Driving School; we’ll get you started for your future.