Light Rigid Truck Licence Sydney Course

Light Rigid Truck Licence Sydney is an heavy vehicle competency based assessment course. This heavy vehicle accredited licencing course that we at Core Driving School specialise in. Conducting this course 7 days a week and offering flexible training hours, choose to do your training in the morning or in the afternoon to suit your schedule.

Light Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

Light Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

Our light rigid truck licence Sydney course offers 1 or 2 Day courses that you can choose from, this would allow you to train and learn at your passe. Providing a high standard of heavy vehicle training and assessment is very important to us, ensuring that all students are competent handling a heavy vehicle. The light rigid truck licence Sydney course provides exactly that and more.


Light Rigid Licence (LR Truck) Course

At Core Driving School it is our priority to educate, train and assess all students attending the light rigid truck licence Sydney course or any other heavy vehicle licence courses. As a professional heavy vehicle tuck school we pride our-self’s by delivering high standards of training and ensure all students understand the fundamentals of handling a heavy vehicle


  • Lane changing

It is very important to check that the road is clear when you want to change lanes, or when lanes merge. You also need to check before leaving the kerb and before turning. You must look in the appropriate mirrors and do blind spot head checks before making any of these moves. In a heavy vehicle it is also essential to check down the side door in the cabin.

  • Being Overtaken

If it is safe, move into the left lane to allow faster moving traffic to overtake. It is illegal and dangerous to direct following vehicles to overtake, using your hand or the indicator. You may be encouraging and inexperienced driver to attempt an unsafe move.