Light Rigid LR Truck Licence Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong & Penrith

At Core Driving School we conduct Training and Assessment for Light Rigid LR Truck Licence courses 7 days a week and cover area’s in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Central Coast, Penrith and Campbelltown. Our trainers and assessors are committed to ensure your learning and experience are no less than perfect, we promise satisfaction or your money back guaranteed.

Light Rigid Licence (LR Truck) Course

Our light rigid LR truck licence training start 7 am and usually finish by 3 pm, at the end of the course if everything went well… you would receive a certificate of competency. The certificate of competency will have to be presented to the RMS in order for your upgrade to take place.

To complete the LR course, you would need to pass the RMS knowledge test.


Light Rigid LR Truck Licence

Light Rigid LR Truck Licence

SAFETY TIP: Before going down a hill

  • Reduce speed and select the correct gear before beginning the descent, it is very important to select a gear low enough to slow down the vehicle.
  • If you try to gear down but you miss the gear, stop the vehicle with brakes immediately and select the correct gear.
  • Attempting to coast while you struggle with the gears is very dangerous, do not try to change gears while going downhill as you can lose control of the vehicle.
  • brake failure can be prevented by good driving techniques, if you use the brakes to slow a vehicle travelling down hill it can cause overheating. This leads to brake fade, or brake burn-out in which the brake linings completely lose their grip and are no longer effective.

At CORE we pride ourselves educating students and provide a high standard training for all heavy vehicle license’s in addition to Light Rigid LR Truck Licence, we train and assess 15 criteria’s for all our truck courses. Safe operation of heavy vehicles and defensive driving is a key training component and we ensure all students learn and adapt to it.