Light Rigid LR Licence Course At Core Driving School

LR licence course – Light Rigid

At Core Driving School we conduct light rigid LR truck licence courses 7 days a week. All University candidates that are going for the NSW Paramedics/Ambulance services have special rates with us and we would be happy to assist with one-on-one training at our Wetherill Park training facility.

Our friendly staff and assessors are committed to ensuring your learning and experience at Core Driving School are no less than perfect with a passing success rate of over 80% we promise you satisfaction or your money back, guaranteed.

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LR licence course

LR licence course

Please note: 

University graduates must that are completing the NSW Ambulance Service course must bring their student ID Card in order to receive their LR licence course discounts.

LR licence training courses are usually completed in approx 7 hrs with one of our Core Driving School trainer/assessor, training can take up to 6 hrs and the final assessment approx 45min-1hr. We start our courses as early at 7am to get you ready for your assessment in the afternoon. Our LR licence course includes 14 criteria’s that all our students need to pass.

To book your LR Licence course you must complete these steps.

step 1. Complete the knowledge test with the RMS

step 2. We train you with our LR vehicle.

Step 3. We test you.

LR vehicles include:

Small trucks with gross vehicle mass (GVM) up to 8 tonnes. Any towed trailer must not weigh more than 9 tonnes GVM. Busses that seat more than 12 passengers including driver and a GVM up to 8 tonnes. There are no restrictions on the number of axles for the LR licence class. With an LR licence you can also drive any vehicle covered by a Class C licence, but not motorcycles and scooters.

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