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Core Driving School offers a variety of heavy vehicle truck licencing courses and assessments so participants can obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence to be allowed to undertake truck driving in Sydney. According to law, for a driver to get their Heavy Vehicle Licence in New South Wales, they must complete an accredited Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment. When looking for what type of truck license to obtain, it is important to know what type of vehicle you will be operating so you legally are able to undertake the truck driving in Sydney that you need for your job. To drive an ambulance, small trucks with a Gross Vehicle Mass of up to eight tonnes, any towed trailer weighing under nine tonnes and buses that seat more than twelve, you need to obtain a Light Rigid licence. To get any truck license you also need to have held for over a year a C class driver’s license or the equivalent. This must be a full licence not a Learner’s permit. If you need to drive a truck or bus weighing more than eight tonnes and/or has two axles or tow a trailer above nine tonnes, then a Medium Rigid licence is needed. Trucks and buses that are more than eight tonnes and have three or more axles, articulated vehicles (such as bendy buses) and any towed trailers that are less than nine tonnes require a Heavy Rigid licence. Depending on which licence and if you are doing will determine the length of training and your assessment but courses are divided between theoretical and practical and the assessments and include a final assessment. 

The Braking Systems of Trucks

Almost everyone knows, even if you are not an expert in truck driving in Sydney, that one of the most important components of a truck to understand is the braking system. Understanding and maintaining the braking system of any truck is important for the safety for not just the driver but for those who are also on the road. Trucks have different braking systems thus understanding which one is in your truck is vital for the safe and efficient operation of your vehicle. Air braking systems are commonly used so understanding the mechanics of air brakes are important. The role of the air compressor helps maintain the level of air pressure so that the brakes can operate safely; keeping the oil and belt or gear maintained will make sure the brakes operate safely. Also understanding the and maintaining the brake shoes and drums, the foot valve, the brake chambers and reservoirs will make sure that the brakes are operating safely. Another style of brake is an exhaust brake, which is beneficial because they are very good at slowing vehicles down no matter what the size while reducing the wear and tear on normal brakes, prevent normal brakes from overheating and they are completely silent. This is great for truck driving in Sydney as often truck drivers travel at night so it is great going through residential areas. These brakes are also able to be implemented on all vehicles. Another type of brake used is a Jake’s Brake which greatly improves the stopping power of a truck as they go downhill and can also help prolong the life of the truck’s brakes.

Why Core Driving School?

With almost three hundred reviews on Google and an average rating of 4.9 stars, Core Driving School is your choice for getting on the road truck driving in Sydney and around. We offer courses seven days a week therefore we can work around your busy work and lifestyle schedule; whether you have full-time work, a family and a busy schedule during the weekdays, we’re here for you operating on the weekend to help you gain that heavy vehicle licence. Our valued clientele attest to our expertise, knowledge, method of training and assessment and all in all, our exceptional customer service; we are proud of our achievements. One client, Sean Barrand reviewed us with ‘Isaak is the guy you need to see if you are upgrading any licence! From the moment you enter the training centre you are made feel very welcome. It is refreshing to have instructors who have actually been in the profession with years of experience, you can tell they have your and other road uses safety at heart. This is not just a job for these guys, it’s a passion. The guys take you from the basic all the way through to be a competent driver. I felt like I left the training centre a better driver in general. I will definitely be back for my bus authority. Highly recommended’. To back this up, another valued client, Aaron Prest said ‘I recently used core to take the course for my MC licence, and I can’t recommend them enough! Out of all the driving driving schools I have used to sit previous tests, these were by far the most helpful and efficient teachers. I’ve left the test feeling happy and confident! Excellent school!’ Quality heavy vehicle licence courses are our aim and we accomplish this through comprehensive training and assessment; we help our clientele get on the road truck driving in Sydney in no time.