Keen To Get Moving Driving A Bus?

If you are thinking of entering the industry of bus driving whether it be for a school, a travel charter or for public transport, Core Driving School can help you gain your Bus Driver Authority Licence. As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in New South Wales and a Member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association, Core Driving School caters for clients from Sydney to Newcastle, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith and in between. We are renowned for exceptional quality training and we have almost three hundred
reviews on Google with an average of 4.9 stars so you be confident in starting your bus driving career with our school. With an easy ‘Book Now’ button on our website or you can fill out our Contact Form or phone us, we make it easy and convenient for you to book your Bus Driver Authority course with us. Furthermore, we are the cheapest for heavy vehicle licences in Australia! We understand how important it is to have the right sort of training to equip you with the knowledge and the skills to be on the move navigating the roads in the bus and armed with plenty of safety information. At Core Driving School, we value the safety of you, your passengers and others on the road so we ensure that you gain all the required knowledge to safely harness your Bus Driver Authority licence.

The Requirements

There are obviously requirements and criteria that need to be met before you can gain your Bus Driver Authority licence and Core Driving School ensures that you meet them before undertake the course. To drive a bus on a Bus Driver Authority licence, you need to be at least twenty years of age and hold an unrestricted or unconditional driver’s licence issued in New South Wales. Additionally, you should have held an unrestricted Australian driver’s licence for
at least twelve months within the two years prior to applying. Another key item of criteria is that you need to pass an examination or assessment at a level determined by the Director-General in medical fitness. Having good physical fitness is important for driving on the roads and being responsible for a number of passengers; having a Bus Driver Authority licence is a responsibility for the safety of your passengers and those on the roads. There are further attributes that you require when aiming for this licence such as having the lawful right to work in Australia. If you are on a visa that restricts you from working then you will not be able to complete a Bus Driver Authority course as you will not be granted the licence to drive buses here. An integral item of criteria is also your knowledge of the Act and Regulations which relate to the operation of a bus; knowing information on these is important in guiding you when driving a bus whether it be for travel charters, school or public transport. Having a clean National Police Clearance is important as well and RMS will check up on this. Core Driving School will help prepare you for the world of bus driving and propel you forward in attaining your Bus Driver Authority Licence.

Being A Safe Bus Driver

Safety is a vital component of being a bus driver: your safety, that of your passengers and of the other people on the road including drivers and pedestrians. Pay close attention to the speedometer and ensure that you remain within the speed limit and keep focused on whether there are school zones or slow speed areas ahead. If you are driving in the dedicated bus lane, do not speed along because there is little traffic; pedestrians can be caught by surprise
by a bus travelling in the bus lane. Ensuring that you are aware of the road conditions for the day and take it slowly, keeping a safe distance between yourself and vehicles in front. In wet weather, aquaplaning can unfortunately occur particularly when travelling at a high speed – this is where there is water on the road and the tyres lose grip on the road and slide on the water. Needless to say this is highly dangerous for anyone on the road let alone a bus driver with the responsibility of their passengers. In keeping with the regulations and safety rules of bus driving, ensure you engage with Core Driving School to attain a premium-quality Bus Driver Authority course which will see you on the move into your new career.