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Innovation From The Core

Core Driving School is an RMS Accredited heavy vehicle licence training and assessment provider, innovative from the core. We pride ourselves on delivering first-class training and guidance for you to succeed in our courses. From Sydney to Newcastle, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith, we have you covered. We will provide you with the skills to operate a heavy vehicle including forklift and Bus Authority licences. Safety is paramount when driving at any time but it is also essential to understand the fundamentals of safety with a heavy vehicle licence such as a Heavy Rigid Truck Licence or what it is commonly known as, an HR licence.

Our safety courses are second-to-none and you will be confident in your ability to manage the vehicle. Adhering to the RMS and Work Cover standards and regulations, we emphasise core safety standards to reduce workplace injuries and ensure public safety. Core Driving School values successful training courses and premium quality service and we are confident in you passing the test with our skilled trainers. Our HR licence training course operates seven days per week with flexible hours so you can be sure to be able to book in at your convenience.

Heavy rigid truck licence Central Coast, HR Truck Licence Central Coast

Heavy rigid truck licence Central Coast, HR Truck Licence Central Coast

HR Licence To Get You On The Road

What is an HR licence? To give you a bit of an understanding on what an HR licence involves, here is a rundown. If you have held a C-class licence or equivalent for two or more years (no learner licences sorry), you can commence training for your HR licence. The time spent on a P1 licence counts towards the time you have held your licence, however until you are on a P2, you cannot practice driving a heavy vehicle.

You will need to pass a HR knowledge test and an eyesight test. Core Driving School provides professional one-on-one training for up to fifteen criteria enabling you to learn and apply the skills necessary to operate a heavy vehicle competently and safely. An HR licence enables you to drive trucks and buses with a Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of more than eight tonnes and three or more axles, articulated vehicles such as buses and any towed trailer that weighs not more than none tonnes GVM.

We provide all the skills need to pass the Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA). The test vehicle will be at least a three-axle rigid vehicle with a GVM of more than fifteen tonnes. To mitigate issues and risks, in-cabin video cameras and GPS technology are fitted in the test vehicle for accurate footage of you passing the HVCBA Final Competency Assessment (FCA). Core Driving School delivers both training and conducts assessments and you can be confident going for your HR licence with us.

Why should you join this school?

This school is offering many facilities, including some affordable packages. Apart from this, the school has some other bright sides which make them the best in-car training. If you want to get a car license or truck licence, you can come to this school. In fact, for any type of vehicle’s licence, they are ready to give you training. Their female trainers are calm and patient. If you don’t know how to start, you shouldn’t be worried. The trainers are extremely polite. They teach with patience. Moreover, the trainers of this school are friendly and professional. If you fail to understand, the process of driving your car, they will teach you again and again.

These trainers are experts in driving. They have some unique methods through which they can teach you safe driving skills. You will be confident enough to pass the traffic exam test, at the first attempt. The training process of this school is really easy for anybody. For any organization or for the general public, the training lessons are kept in a simple process. You will be taught, how to drive safely and skillfully. The instructors in this school teach everyone equally. They teach you in professional ways and so it becomes really easy for you to learn the driving. They can train you for the car licence. They can even train you for the truck licence.

What Our Clients Say

The Core Driving School team pride themselves on superb quality training and service; you can rely on our word and that of others like Sean who says ‘Isaak and Vick are two people you need to see if you are upgrading any licence! From the moment you enter the training centre you are made feel very welcome. It is refreshing to have instructors who have actually been in the profession with years of experience, you can tell they have your and other road uses safety at heart. This is not just a job for these guy’s, it’s a passion. The guys take you from the basic all the way through to be a competent driver’.

Additionally, another client of ours, Stephen who obtained his HR licence said ‘thank you to all management and staff and especially Pete and Isaac. With your help I was able to obtain a licence for HR road ranger. The staff never made me feel out of depth even though I was struggling in the beginning. The staff provide constant advice and techniques to ease me through the procedure. Would definitely recommend Core Driving School to everyone’. Straight from the core, we are proud to have so many satisfied clients and will continue to deliver for years to come.

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence Sydney

The expert trainers of this school are experienced and professional. They will give you training for the car licence, truck licence and expert training to get licences for the other vehicles. Apart from this, they will also make you a safe and educated driver.

All the syllabus of the driving lessons will be covered by them. They will not only train you with theories, but they will also provide you with practical lessons.

Basic driving skills to advanced driving skills, they offer every type of driving skills to satisfy your needs. This driving school has many satisfied students who have got their licenses at the first attempt. The unique training methods and expert trainers, make this school the best among all the other driving schools.

If you want to get your car licence or truck licence within a brief period, you should get your training under the core driving school.