HR Truck Licence Sydney

3 Easy Steps to get your HR Truck licence Sydney, Accredited for Heavy Vehicle Training and Assessment. Our HR Truck licence Sydney courses run 7 days a week and to suit your schedule we have flexible training hours, you can choose to do your training early morning or start training in the afternoon.


HR truck licence Sydney

HR truck licence Sydney

At Core Driving School we provide high standards of heavy vehicle training and assessments, it is important to be found competent as a safe truck driver for the safety of the public, yourself and other road users. Our heavy vehicle HR truck licence Sydney course offers and provides exactly that and more.

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence Course


As a professional truck driving school is it our responsibility to ensure that all students understand the responsibility of driving a heavy vehicle. All Students must complete up to 15 criteria’s in order to be found competent and ready to do their final assessment with one of our professional assessor.


SAFETY TIP: Minimum distance keeped between large vehicles

All vehicles 7.5 meters or longer must keep the following minimum distances between long vehicles.

  • 200 metres in a road train area
  • 60 metres outside a road train area

This rule does not apply on multi-lane roads, in built up areas or when overtaking.A safe four second crash avoidance gab must be maintained by all heavy vehicles.In poor driving conditions, such as rain, night or gravel roads, it bay be necessary to increase your crash avoidance space to five or more seconds.

We at Core Driving School pride ourselves by training and assessing students into Heavy Vehicles. Our HR truck licence Sydney course is one of the most popular young Aussies are going for. In addition we provide a high standard for truck driving that includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving capabilities for all class of heavy vehicle licence’s.