How to Pass Your MR Licence Test

Simon's Medium Rigid MR Truck Licence

An MR licence, which is a Medium Rigid Vehicle licence, is necessary to drive medium rigid trucks and buses that have a gross vehicle mass of up to eight tonnes and have two axels. One of the conditions of a MR license as well, drivers must also only tow trailers weighing up nine tonnes. If your licence does not cover these vehicles, it is illegal to drive them and you can face serious consequences, especially in the state of New South Wales. That is why it is important that if you are a truck driver, having the right compliance is not just necessary but it is a legality. With schools like Core Driving School in New South Wales, learning how to pass your MR licence test has never been easier. Offering all aspects of training, from theory to practical, Core Driving School will be able to help you get your MR licence quicker than anywhere else. When it comes to passing the test, not only must the theory and practical be completed, a final vehicle competency assessment must also be completed. While the assessor for the final competency assessment cannot be the same assessor who has delivered the training, all those running the training and assessments must be accredited assessors under the New South Wales Transport authority to ensure that you can get your MR licence. Knowing how to pass your MC licence is simple when you have the right company in your corner and the team at Core Driving School will ensure that you are best prepared to drive a MR vehicle.

Why Get an MR Licence?

Before you even start to learn how to pass your MR licence test, it is probably a good idea to consider why you should get an MR licence in the first place. For starters, not only is it a legal requirement as mentioned above to have an MR licence to operate certain vehicles but it is also an excellent opportunity to broaden your skills and driving capacity. With the trucking industry and industries requiring you to operate large vehicles being quite lucrative, having the right skills and training to operate a range of vehicles will enhance your job prospects. The capacity to operate MR vehicles will be looked upon favourably hence if you are looking for a career change or wanting to expand your skillset, then getting an MR Licence is one way that you can do so. With Australia being such a large country and with so many industries relying on trucks and vehicles in order to function, being able to drive certain vehicles is definitely a sure-fire way to gain employment. If you are looking for new opportunities or to grow your skill set, contact Core Driving School to find out how you can pass your MR licence and get driving medium rigid vehicles as soon as possible.

What Requirements Are Needed to Get a MR Licence Test?

We have talked about how to pass the MR Licence test but there are a few requirements that need to be met before you will be allowed to undergo the test and the final vehicle competency assessment if you are in New South Wales. To be eligible to go for your Medium Rigid vehicle licence, you must have held a Class C licence, or the equivalent for longer than a year. This excludes the time you were on your learners permit. Along with having to have held a Class C licence for at least a year, there are various other checks must complete. Any person looking to get an MR licence must attend a Service NSW office in person with a completed MR licence application form along with acceptable proof of identity. An eyesight test is a required to be completed and if necessary, a medical report may need to also be presented. A MR knowledge test will also have to be completed and passed, and the fees must be paid before you will be issued with an appropriate logbook and guide book to pass the competency test. It is up to you to then seek out the required training and arrange to complete the tasks outlined in the books. This is where contacting a school like Core Driving School is a great advantage, they will show you how to complete the tasks and how to pass the MR licence test so you can be well on your way to getting out onto the road in those MR vehicles.