How to Pass Your HR Licence Test

MR & HR Licence

Before you ask how to pass your HR licence test, it is important that you meet the eligibility requirements to even apply. An HR Licence is necessary to drive any vehicles classed as Heavy Rigid vehicles. These vehicles are trucks and buses with a gross vehicle mass of more than eight tonnes and can have three or more axels. These also include bendy buses, that are considered heavy vehicles even though they are also articulated. Under this licence, if you are towing any trailers, they cannot exceed more than nine tonnes. Like other licences, to gain your HR Licence you must pass a theory and practical component as well as a heavy vehicle competency assessment. Before sitting these components, you must have held a C class licence for a year or more, not including the time on a learner’s permit and you must have at least obtained your P2 or full licence before applying. In person, you must also attend a NSW service office to obtain the necessary materials to complete the theory and practical test. Once you complete an eye test, present a medical report if necessary and pay the appropriate fees, you will be able to start training for your HR licence. A school like Core Driving School will not only show you how to pass your HR licence test but we can help you along the way and give you the confidence to drive a HR vehicle beyond your final vehicle competency assessment.

Why Get a HR Licence?

Whether you are a driver who is bored with your current run or wanting to upskill or are looking for a new career or job altogether, receiving more training and obtaining different licences enables people to apply and look for a range of different driving opportunities. Having a Heavy Rigid Vehicle licence gives you the legal permission and skills in order to drive a multitude of different vehicles. Knowing how to pass your HR licence test is one thing but understanding why you should go obtain a licence is the ultimate motivation to go for it. The heavier the vehicle, the more risk behind the wheel so it in order to protect drivers and other road users, you must have a specialised licence to operate vehicles of that size. In a country that has so much ground to cover, with export between state lines keeping the country running, drivers who are able to operate a heavy rigid vehicle are always in demand. Driving trucks and buses is a skill that requires more than just a licence, a driver must also have the confidence to operate them.  If you are interested in how to pass a HR Licence test so you are able to open yourself to more opportunities, than contact Core Driving School to find out more about obtaining a HR licence.

Flexible Learning Options with Core Driving School

Does the idea of learning how to pass your HR licence test make you nervous? How can you make sure that you do pass and not waste a whole lot of money and time? Anybody who has gone for a drivers licence of any sort can attest to the work and effort that goes into it. Even though you may know how to drive, learning how to drive a heavy rigid vehicle requires a different set of skills that may not be as easy to pick up. With not a lot opportunities to go practice, it is important that when you hire a trainer and assessor, you are working with licensed professionals who do more than just teach you how to pass your HR licence test but also give you the confidence to operate HR vehicles beyond the assessments. That is why Core Driving School not only offers a range of flexible programs but also in a variety of locations. Getting time off work to upskill can be hard, especially since you are essentially paying for training which is why Core Driving School offers courses seven days a week and lets you choose the time that you book in to train. With locations around New South Wales, you do not have to travel to far to find a location and with one day courses on offer with licensed and accredited trainers, less does equal more with Core Driving School.