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Why Core Driving School is the best provider for licences.

Core Driving School is a provider of classes for anyone interested in becoming a heavy equipment operator, truck driver, forklift driver, or a bus driver. They are based out of Wetherill Park Sydney’s west. Even though they are based in Sydney, they offer training in Newcastle, Campbellton, Central Coast, Penrith, Blue Mountains, and Wollongong areas. They specialize in training drivers who are looking to get their Light Rigid Truck, Heavy Rigid Truck, Medium Rigid Truck, Heavy Combination Truck, or Multi-combination Truck license.

They also offer licensing courses for people looking to obtain their Forklift license and Bus Driver Authority License. Their training program holds students to high safety standards which means that students of Core Driving School are some of the safest drivers in Australia. They have a solid reputation for having the highest quality instructors who understand what it takes to pass the required tests for each license.

Their team of assessors expect the best from their students, and that’s exactly what the school produces. They place a high value on safety and that’s why graduates of the school are some of the most sought after employees once they finish the program and pass their truck license tests. They have recently updated their LR and MC license vehicle because their program has been in such high demand. They also have students who are looking to become certified to drive ambulances. As a result, their LR license program is always full. It is one of the best programs in Australia for anyone looking to jump into such an exciting career.

LR, MR, and HR License Courses

Their Light Rigid Truck License (LR) is for anyone who needs to be licensed to drive small trucks with an 8 tonnes gross vehicle mass (GVM), tow a trailer up to 9 tonnes GVM, or any bus that seats more than 12 adults with a GVM of up to 8 tonnes.

You are eligible to apply for a LR license if you have a class C license for at least a year, and pass the LR knowledge test and eyesight tests. They have experience training people to get their LR license for many years and have had to upgrade their vehicles to meet the high demand. The LR license will also qualify anyone looking to drive an ambulance.

The course in two parts, with the trainer and assessor, and can normally be completed in a single day and is quickly becoming one of the more popular courses at Core Driving School. If you are looking to get a Medium Rigid (MR) license, you will be able to drive all MR trucks and busses with a GVM over 8 tonnes and that has more than two axles.

To obtain a MR license you need a class C license for a year minimum, pass an eyesight test, and pass the MR knowledge test. The course is accredited through RMS and is available every day of the week. For those looking to get a Heavy Rigid (HR) truck license to operate trucks and buses with three axels over 8 tonnes GVM, and bendy busses, Core Driving School offers training for this as well. Much like the other two license options, students need to pass the knowledge and eyesight tests. They only difference is that a potential student must have held a class C license for a two-year minimum.

Heavy Rigid truck licence Sydney

Heavy Rigid truck licence Sydney

HC, Forklift, and Bus Authorities License Courses

Core Driving School also offers courses for anyone looking to get a Heavy Combination license, drive a forklift, or get a Bus Driver Authority license. The HC license allows people to drive Semi trucks. This would include prime movers, pig trailers, float, low loaders, and truck and dogs. Core recommends that students get experience driving one trailer before they try to get their HC truck license. This is because students need the experience to safely drive a HC vehicle. They are committed to producing the highest quality students, plus, it is the experience that potential employers will look for when hiring new drivers.

People looking to get an HC license must meet the following requirements: MR or HR license for at least a year, pass the practical road test with Core, pass Core’s competency assessment, and get the proper medical clearance. For anyone looking to get their forklift license, Core has courses to get certified. Students will need to complete the course, and then apply to WorkCover to obtain a high risk work license. For a Bus Driver Authority license, students need to have an unrestricted license in NSW, be at least 20, and pass the assessment. To qualify for the complete certification, students will also need to pass a medical test, and pass a police background check. Once the course is completed and all other requirements are met, students will be given a Proficiency certificate that can be used to apply for bus driving jobs.

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