The heavy vehicle driving training courses. 

Do I need a License for driving trucks?

Getting the first license for your car is something you will not forget easily. The first time you took your car out and flashed it to your friends at school sticks in your memory for as long as you remember but the wait for getting into the minimum required age is not bearable. Once you reach the age group, you will probably rush to get licensed as soon as possible and might even end up failing the tests leaving you de-motivated forever trying again to score in the driving tests. Recently many candidates are applying for heavy vehicles.   These heavy vehicles require a considerable driving experience before ever applying for it. There is a number of truck licenses offered.

LR License: for Light Rigid truck license

MR License: for Medium Rigid truck license

HR License: for Heavy Rigid truck license

HC License: for Heavy Combination truck license

MC License: for Multi Combination truck license

B Double: another name for MC License LR License allows a candidate to drive a motor vehicle having a gross vehicle mass over 4500 kg to 8000 kg of no specific axle limit, usually carries more than 12 passengers. MR License allows a candidate to drive a motor vehicle having 2 axles, having a gross vehicle exceeding the limit of LR License; 8000 kg. HR License allows a candidate to drive a motor vehicle of 3 or more axles, having a gross vehicle mass greater than 8000 kg. Next come the HC License, allowing the candidate to drive a prime mover with a single semi-trailer attached to it plus any un-laden converter dolly. In other words, it is a motor vehicle attached to a trailer having gross vehicle mass greater than 9000 kg plus any un-laden converter dolly. The last one is the MC License that allows the candidate to drive any heavy combination that is towing one or more trailers, each having a gross vehicle mass greater than 9000 kg.

Go get trained first.

Driving test standards are made to check the driving skills of the candidate for their own safety once they hold a driving license. You ever thought why you kept on failing those driving tests? Maybe, you were not well trained. One of the hacks of scoring in the driving tests is to train at a driving school. Core Driving School has gained enough success in the fields of training their candidates for a heavy vehicle. They even train candidates for cars and other licenses. They believe in competency-based training and assessments.   They provide training for a variety of Truck Licenses including LR, MR, HR, MC and HC Licenses where the most applications are taken for the HC licenses. They even provide the facilities for obtaining a Forklift license and bus driver authority license along with the ambulance driving license. You can refer the website for more information:

Jess Passed her LR licence

Jess passed her LR Licence

Core Driving School and HC Licenses.

With an increase in the number of HC Licenses, the training schools like the Core Driving School prepare their candidates under a specific Truck Training Program.

This program includes a variety of training skills. They cast their candidates in emphasizing high safety standards. Often, the HC License holding truck drivers are vulnerable to workplace injuries. Core Driving Schools even have training programs including drills that ensure public safety. They achieve this by strictly adhering to the RMS. Proper work cover standards and regulations. The school has a friendly and experienced staff and assessors. They are primarily committed to providing their candidate with the best learning experience while they are there.

This makes the candidate carry a higher probability of scoring with passing success rate with a promise of satisfaction and a money-back guarantee. While the candidates are in the school, they are ensured with trainers having a full qualification with makes them perform their job in a safe and competent manner. The school keeps on updating their license for HC License to accommodate the high demand for students. Some of the stories can be read on

The Core driving school provides the most trusted profession. They are undoubtedly the leading school in the industry of driving school. We are happy to be helpful to anyone seeking help to get a license for the truck drivers, so contact them today!