Heavy Vehicle Driver Licence – Ways to get a HV Licence

As a professional driver who holds a heavy vehicle driver licence, you have additional obligations and responsibilities to the people you share the road with.

A heavy vehicle driver licence carries special responsibilities. Like your private car driver licence, it is a “contract or agreement between you as a driver and the rest of society, However as a professional driver, you must meet certain conditions ads rule that apply only to drivers of heavy vehicles.

Ways to get a heavy vehicle driver licence:

  1. undertake a knowledge test for the heavy vehicle driver licence.
  2. Pass an eyesight test.
  3. undertake a heavy vehicle training based assessment with a Roads and Maritime accredited trainer/assessor.
  4. Undertake a heavy vehicle driving test with a Roads and Maritime accredited assessor.

All heavy vehicle used for training or assessments must be loaded 75% of the vehicle GVM.

The HVCBA system is run by licensed driving instructors who are accredited as HVCBA testing officers. Under HVCBA you have to demonstrate that you can perform certain skills or competencies to an accredited heavy vehicle licence assessor. Your assessor records your performance in a log book and once you have successfully completed all the required competencies you can apply to upgrade your licence.

You can learn to drive either with a licensed driving instructor or with and appropriate NSW licence holder. You can only be assessed by and accredited trainer/assessor. All assessors are licensed driving instructors so they can assess and train you.

Also, if you pass a driving test in a vehicle fitted with an automatic or synchronise gear box you will be restricted to driving the road ranger gear box. To have condition removed you have to pass a driving test in a vehicle fitted with a road ranger or also known as crash box.

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heavy vehicle driver licence

heavy vehicle driver licence