Heavy Rigid Truck Licence in Road Ranger Gearbox

CORE Driving School is an Heavy Vehicle Accredited Training Organisation. Specialising with Heavy Rigid Truck Licence in road ranger gearbox. Our Wetherill Park facility offers a wide range of heavy vehicle licenses. The heavy rigid truck licence in road ranger gearbox is an art to learn. Here at Core, we have perfected our coaching skills to meet the highest of standards.

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence Course

We are proud to say that we are the only school that runs the road ranger course 7 days a week. We have been training and assessing students on the Heavy rigid truck licence in road ranger gearbox for many years. Most noteworthy, we have a passing result of over 80%+.

The heavy vehicle licence course is generally completed in one day. However, occasionally we ask students to spend a little more time on one or more particular skill in practice before their assessment. At Core Driving School, we value safety and ensure high training standards are set by all our students. The course evolves of 15 total criteria’s to be completed by the students and our trainers. Therefore, it is the trainers responsibility to ensure the student passes all criteria’s before conducting the Final Competency  Assessment (FCA).

If you may be looking for a career change or a part time role, our Truck Licence Sydney courses are worth looking at. It is our duty to educate young Australians to be responsible of handling heavy vehicles and also respecting other road users. It is very important that you are in good health for your own safety and that of the public.

As a professional heavy vehicle truck driver, you need to understand what causes fatigue and how to pick up on early warning signs. This is essential so you can act on it before it affects your driving.

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Heavy Rigid Truck Licence in Road Ranger Gearbox

Heavy Rigid Truck Licence in Road Ranger Gearbox