Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW

The Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW is an Accredited Training and Assessment course. We at Core Driving School specialise in training and assessment for all heavy vehicle licensing. The heavy rigid (HR) truck licence in NSW is run 7 days a week and offers flexible training hours.

As a professional Heavy Vehicle Truck training School we specialise in Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence NSW by educate young truck drivers the principles of handling a HR truck safely and competently. The Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW course is one of the most popular heavy vehicle training course most Australians are going for and with 3 easy steps you too can get your licence upgrade.

Obtain your Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck licence in 3 easy steps.

Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence

Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence NSWs.

Step 1. Pass the Heavy Rigid (HR) knowledge test with the RMS.

Step 2. We train you.

Step 3. We test you




Once everything is completed, you would receive a certificate of competency. The certificate you would need to present to the RMS in order to upgrade your heavy vehicle licence.

Safety Tips: Entering and Exiting a Heavy Vehicle.

To enter the vehicle the driver must check for traffic before moving out from the line of the vehicle and again before opening the door. When entering the vehicle the driver must use available steps and grab handles to climb into the vehicle via 3 point of contact. When exiting the vehicle the driver must exit facing the vehicle using 3 point of contact, point of contact could be steps and or grabs (jumping out of the vehicle is a dangerous behaviour).

At Core Driving School we pride ourselves educating, training and assessing new students in Heavy Vehicle Truck licence . We train and assess up to 15 criteria’s for all our Truck courses including the Heavy Rigid (HR) Truck Licence in NSW. In addition to HR Truck Licence we provide one on one truck training that includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck driver needs, as well as safety courses such as Safe Operation of Heavy Vehicles and Defensive Driving.