Heavy Combination Licence

An HC Licence or also known as the Heavy Combination Licence, covers you to drive trucks with a single trailer commonly called a Semi-Trailer. This includes prime movers, truck and dogs, pig trailers, floats and low loaders.

It is a logical step to obtain your HC Licence and get some experience with 1 trailer before moving on to your MC. Insurance companies and ethical employers prefer this. Plus, you are not put in a position of driving an MC vehicle without the required confidence and ability.

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To apply for an HC Licence, you must

  • Have held a MR or HR Licence open or P class for at least 12 months
  • Complete the 3 steps below to be eligible for your HC licence with the RMS;
    1. Complete and pass the driver knowledge test with the RMS
    2. Pass the on road HC practical with Core Driving School
    3. Pass a competency assessment (test) with Core Driving School
  • Ensure you have a medical certificate for the class of licence you are applying for, if you currently have a medical condition on your licence

Please note:

If you currently hold an HR or HC Licence, you may also be eligible for your MC (Multi Combination) truck licence, if you have held your HR or HC licence for at least 12 months. An MC is a vehicle towing more than 1 trailer.

At Core Driving School we pride ourselves training young Australians and providing a high standards of heavy vehicle training. Our HC Truck Licence course is one of the most popular heavy vehicle licence young Australians are going for, by providing the fundamental skills that all students need as well as safety courses such as safe operation of heavy vehicle and defensive driving capabilities.

You can book your course now using the Book Now button below.

HC Licence Sydney NSW

HC Licence Sydney NSW