Heavy Combination HC Truck Licence Sydney

HC Truck licence Sydney is a Accredited Training and Assessment course. The HC Truck licence Sydney course is conducted 7 days a week, we at CORE offer flexible hours to suit your schedule. Heavy Combination HC Truck licence is one of the most popular heavy vehicle licence most Australian are going for.

Heavy Combination HC Truck Licence

You can obtain your HC Truck licence Sydney in 3 easy steps.

HC Truck licence Sydney

HC Truck licence Sydney

Step 1. Pass the Heavy Combination (HC) knowledge test with the RMS.

Step 2. We train you with one of our Heavy Vehicle Trucks.

Step 3. We test you

Once everything is completed, you would receive a certificate of competency. The certificate you would need to present to the RMS in order to upgrade your heavy vehicle licence.

All our HC Truck licence Sydney courses are held and usually completed in 1 day unless students require more training. Students must learn how to get behind the wheel of these large heavy combination trucks and drive them as safe as possible.

SAFETY TIP: Crash avoidance space

During our HC Truck licence Sydney course we educate students all about the four-second gap that must be kept and protected while driving a heavy vehicle. If there is a potential for a hazard to enter this space, reduce your speed and create a buffer. It is necessary to maintain the crash avoidance space for all potentially hazardous situations, including blind corners and crests.

Many of the crashes that occur each day in NSW could be avoided if drivers actively maintained their crash avoidance space.

As a professional heavy vehicle truck driver, you need to understand the risks and responsibility involved while obtaining the HC Truck licence Sydney. At Core Driving School we educate all students about safe driving behaviours and ensure everyone is competent to driver a heavy vehicle safely.

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