HC Truck Licenses And Others In New South Wales

HC truck licenses in New South Wales

Truck Licensing in New South Wales

Need more information on truck licensing in New South Wales? Well it is always best to stay up to date so if you need to find out what sort of licensing you need to operate a truck here in New South Wales, we can help you. By law, you need to complete a HVCBA or Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment in order to drive a truck which you can complete through us as we are a Registered Training Organisation. 

Along with a HVCBA, one common license obtained is a Light Rigid Truck License which enables you to drive an ambulance and any small truck that weighs up to eight tonnes, a towed trailer weighing nine tonnes or less and a bus weighing up to eight tonnes that carries more than twelve adults. You obtain your Light Rigid Truck License, you must have held a full C class driver’s license for a year or more or something equivalent. The course that needs to be undertaken to get the right truck licensing to operate these types of vehicles in New South Wales is a two-part course. The first part is engaging in the skills required and the second part is the assessment of those skills. This is a similar process when obtaining licenses of the Medium Rigid and Heavy Truck vehicle licenses, the obvious difference being the type of vehicles that you are able to operate and the theory and skill based training being focused around driving the vehicles associated with those licenses. Regardless of what you drive, having the correct license is important so make sure you are up to date and give yourself more flexibility in what you can drive by seeking Core Driving School out for more training.

Being A Truck Driver

You have done all the hard work and got your correct truck licensing so you can now begin your journey as a truck driver. Being a truck driver gives you lucrative opportunities with various companies. This can give you flexibility in your hours and opportunities to drive to many different locations. While you may start out on a lower pay rate, there is definite room for growth and you will find the more experience you get, the more opportunities to move up in the ranks and earn more will come up. While driving a truck may be daunting, especially for long periods of time, it is a great industry to take your time to learn in; with the more you drive, not only will it get easier and less daunting but you will most likely get more work. Do not feel pressured when you start, especially if you have just got your license. Understand your limitations, arm yourself with the correct tools of the trade (like a GPS) and familiarise yourself with your vehicle. Make sure that you remember your training and remember you are operating a vehicle that is bigger and heavier than most you have driven before and most that are on the road at any given time. Of course getting the right training and truck licensing will help you on your journey but taking your time and building up experience will help you become the best and safest driver you possibly can be.

Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment

Before you start your career as a truck driver, you must complete a Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment or HVCBA in order to be ticked off for any truck licensing. This course must be completed with an accredited trainer such as Core Driving School and you will need to be able provide proof of identity, pass an eyesight test, a medical test and a knowledge test for the kind of license you want.  You will be provided with a logbook that gives you a list of tasks that you need to be found competent in order to be able to pass the assessment. There is also a final competency-based assessment once the logbook is finished, which like the log book, will need to be ticked off by an accredited instructor. Passing your heavy vehicle competency-based assessment is a requirement in order to gain any truck licensing, from light rigid to heavy combination (HC) trucks. Once you pass the HVCBA and have submitted it, you will then be issued with your truck license.