HC Licence in Sydney NSW


HC Licence in Sydney NSW. At Core Truck Driving School we provide high quality training and assessment for all heavy vehicle licensing. The heavy combination HC licence in Sydney NSW consists of 2 parts, first the training component of the course and than the final competency assessment also known as FCA.

HC Licence in Sydney NSW

HC Licence in Sydney NSW

At Core Truck Driving School in Wetherill Park depot, we have been training and assessing students on the Heavy Combination HC Licence in Sydney NSW area for years.

Being the leading provider for all heavy vehicle licences, it is important to us that all participants understand the fundamentals of operating a heavy vehicle safely.

The HC Licence in Sydney NSW course consists of 14 criteria’s, Generally it is completed in just one day, although occasionally we ask students to spend a little more time on one or more particular skill in practice before their final assessment.

It is our priority to educate, train and assess all students attending the LR, MR, HR, HC or MC licence course. As a professional heavy vehicle tuck school we pride our-self’s by delivering high standards of training and ensure all students are 100% ready before optaining their heavy vehicle licence.

If you are looking in a career change or just for a part time work, the HC Licence in Sydney NSW will give you just that and more. Most of our Students that upgrade to the HC Truck Licence are driven to chase their career further of becoming dedicated truckers.

It is our duty to educate young Australians that spends a lot of time on the road to be responsible of handling heavy vehicles safely and respecting other road users. It is very important that you are in good health for your own safety and that of the public.

As a professional heavy vehicle truck driver, you need to understand what causes fatigue and how to pick up on early warning sings so that you can do something about it before it affects your driving.

At Core Truck Driving School we promise satisfaction or money back guarantee*.