Get Your HR Truck Licence NSW

Heavy Rigid HR Truck Licence NSW . Core Driving School offers  the restricted and unrestricted HR Truck Licence NSW course witch allows you to drive auto and Synchronised gear boxes, our speciality is the unrestricted HR truck licence NSW also known as the crash box. Unrestricted would give you an open truck licence and would allow you to drive all types of gearboxes.

All our Truck courses are held and usually completed in 1 day unless students require more training. Students must learn how to get behind the wheel of these large hr licensed trucks and drive them as safe as possible. Once completed our hr truck licence NSW

driving courses, you than will have all the knowledge you need to get you on the road safely. Heavy Rigid Licence will allow you to drive Trucks and Buses with a GVM more than 8 tonnes and 3 or more axles.

Give us a Call today and inquire on how you can get started by getting your HR Truck Licence in NSW, we than will guide you through the process step by step.

We like to use the 3 step system and split the process into 3 easy steps.

step 1. Pass the knowledge test with the RMS

Step 2. conduct your training with us and get you ready for assessment.

Step 3. final assessment (test).

We would teach you on how to check, operate and drive a heavy vehicle in a most safest way possible to prevent any dangers or hazards that could put you or any other road uses in harms way. Safe operation and defensive driving behaviours are very important to a Trucker and must be implemented at all times.

With our help you would be a safe and concomitant HR Truck Driver that employers would want to have as part of their team.

hr truck licence NSW

hr truck licence NSW