Mitch passed the HR Licence

Mitch passed the HR Licence

HR Licence

Core Driving School is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO # 45477) delivering quality 1-on-1 heavy vehicle training and assessment for all truck licence classes. The HR Licence is the most popular out of the 5 heavy vehicle licence classes we provide.

Mitch came to CORE to upgrade his licence to a HR Licence worried that the COVID-19 might effect his career. We welcomed Mitch and trained him for aprox 6hrs before putting him through his final assessment, witch he passed with flying colours. Mitch only got his HR Licence as a plan “B” and something to fall back to if he gets truck not working in the film industry.

Core Truck Driving School is renouned for its reputation and high quality truck training we provide. Whilst attending our HC Licence course, you can be assured that you will recieve your money’s worth of knowladge and skill to operate a HC Licence vehicle in the abmost safest mannor possible.

We pride ourselfs by delivering no less but top notch service, using the late model trucks and equiptment, friendly trainers/staff and assessors to give you a safe kickstart into your new role in the trucking industry.

The HR Licence can be done in a restricted or unresticted vehicle.. meaning you can do your HR Licence in a auto/synchro or in a HR Licence roadranger vehicle, both these different licence or gearbox courses can be completed in just one day if deemed compitant by our trainers or assessors.

Book your HR Licence with us today and we promise you an enjoyable training experience with Core Driving School.