Heavy Combination Training

HC & MC Truck Licence Vehicle.

Get Your Truck Licence in 3 Easy Steps… 1-Day Courses Available:
Core Driving School is an innovative provider for heavy vehicle competency based training and assessment. As a professional heavy vehicle tuck school we pride our-self’s by delivering high standards of training and ensure all students understand the fundamentals of handling a heavy vehicle safely.
Heavy Vehicle Driver Training Courses:
LR Licence (Light Rigid truck licence)
MR Licence (Medium Rigid truck licence)
HR Licence (Heavy Rigid truck licence)
HC Licence (Heavy Combination Truck licence)
MC Licence (Multi Combination Truck licence or also known as B Double Truck Licence)
Other Available Training Courses:
Forklift licence
Bus Authority licence
Our services are available to potential truck drivers in Sydney, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Penrith, and Newcastle

We don’t just provide first class training, we also assess and improve your skills throughout the course. You would learn the fundamental skills required to operate the heavy vehicles, you will also go through safety courses to ensure that you know how to drive the truck in a safe and efficient manner.

LR Truck Licence is a 14+ seater bus or any vehicle that weighs from 4.5-8 tone GVM

MR Truck Licence is medium rigid vehicle that weighs over 8 tone GVM and has 2 axles

HR Truck Licence is a heavy rigid vehicle with a GVM more than 8 tonnes, and 3 or more axles.

HC Truck Licence is a heavy combination vehicle and covers you to pull a single trailer also known as semi trailer.

MC Truck Licence, the Multi-Combination licences is also known as B-Double Licence and it allows you to operate a Prime Mover with two or more trailers.

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