HC Training Vehicle

Core HC Training Vehicle

Core truck driving school is an innovative heavy vehicle Licence provider, Conducting training and assessments for LR Licence, MR Licence, HR Licence, HC Licence and MC truck Licence. At Core truck driver training we pride our self by educating young Australians on how to operate and handle a heavy vehicle safely.

In order to hold a Heavy Vehicle Truck Licence, you first must complete a Driver Knowledge Test (DKT)  with the RMS, once DKT is completed you can choose Truck Training Course with a school of your choice.

At Core Driving School we value high standards and positive work ethics, aiming to provide the best quality of Truck training courses throughout our programs. Our school values safety and ensures that all the trainees are fully qualified to perform their jobs in a safe and competent manner. We provide training for a variety of Truck licence courses such as Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, Heavy Rigid and Heavy Combination Truck Licences as well as Forklift Training and Bus Driver Authority. Providing a high standard Truck training that includes the fundamental skills that every capable truck driver needs. Safety courses such as safe operations of Heavy vehicles and defensive driving is what we thrive on.