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Who Issues a Forklift Licence?
WorkCover issues national licences to perform high risk work (LF forklift high risk work licences) In NSW.


Can I Use My New NSW Forklift Licence In Any State Of Australia?
Yes: High risk work licences (LF forklift) are Nationally recognised in all Australian states and territories.


Can I Operate A Forklift Without A Licence?
A person performing high risk work on a forklift or order picker must hold the relevant LF or LO licence unless they are undergoing training. Only Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) approved by WorkCover can deliver training and assessment for high risk work licences in NSW. The training and assessment must be delivered under the supervision of an RTO but practical training can occur in the workplace.


What Requirements Must I Meet To Apply For A LF Forklift Licence?
Eligibility for a high risk work LF forklift licence is as follows:


You are eligible to obtain a FORKLIFT licence if you:
  • 1are at least 18 years of age
  • 2undertake a recognised course of training
  • 3can use English at a level that enables the safe performance of high risk work
  • 4have the necessary knowledge and ability to safely perform the high risk work
  • 5have been assessed as competent by a workcover accreditted assessor working for the RTO using the relevant assessment instrument under realistic workplace conditions
  • 6apply to WorkCover for a high risk work licence.


Your high risk work licence is valid for five years from the date of issue and
must be renew at this time.


I Have A Forklift Licence From Overseas Can I Operate On It In Australia?
No….You must enrol in a forklift licence course in Australia to obtain your licence to legally operate a forklift in Australia.

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