Flexible Learning Options

MR Licence

In a world that never seems to slow down, flexible learning options are becoming an increasingly valued resource so if you are in the wider Sydney region and are looking to get your MR Licence (Medium Rigid) or HR Licence (Heavy Rigid), then there has never been a better time to go for it. Getting time off work in any profession can be hard, especially if you are a casual staff member and rely on those hours for income, which is why at Core Driving School we make sure that we cater to everybody who wishes to get their MR Licence (Medium Rigid) or HR Licence (Heavy Rigid). The courses we offer are in two parts with both are normally within one day so you will only have to keep one day available for your course. Mindful of how important learning flexibility is for most people, with limited course times often being a barrier for people being able to train to upskill or change careers, at Core Driving School we offer a range of options for those wishing to complete a course. With locations all around Sydney, as far as Newcastle and Wollongong, you will be able to find a convenient location no matter where you live. We also run courses seven days a week therefore you will be able to find a time and day to get your course completed. With an 80% pass rate for our attendees, you will most likely be in and out in one day and ready to get on the road with your new MR Licence or HR Licence.

Importance of a Quality Training Provider

No matter what skill you undertake, licence you apply for or qualification you study, the importance of having a quality training provider is essential to your future endeavours. While some providers might boast about the ease in gaining a licence or qualification, if the training is not quality, it can lead to issues down the track. This is especially important when it comes to gaining something like a MR Licence (Medium Rigid) or HR Licence (Heavy Rigid). Gaining these licenses open up a world of possibilities and will give you many opportunities to change careers or expand your current one but if you are not trained correctly, it can lead to some real issues. Handling vehicles that come under a MR Licence or HR Licence is no easy feat so once you have been employed to drive them, it is an absolute must that you have the upmost confidence in being able to operate them. A lack of confidence or inexperience can lead to major issues, especially around the health and safety of you as a driver and those around you on the roads. This is why it is important to pick a training provider that not just helps you pass the assessment but will make sure you leave with a licence and the confidence and skills to operate a range of vehicles that come under the MR Licence and HR Licence. At Core Driving School, we have quality instructors and assessors that will ensure that you are trained in just the operation but the protocols surrounding these vehicles so you can take on the role of driving these vehicles safely and skilfully. 

Ways to Stay Safe as a Truck Driver

As exciting as the career of being a truck driver is, like every profession, it does come with its own set of risks, some that may lead to more dire consequences than other professions. While at Core Driving School, we are sure that once you gain your MR Licence (Medium Rigid) or HR Licence (Heavy Rigid) you will have adequate training in the protocols and skills behind the of operation such vehicles, there are still tips that can help you keep safe as you go along in your career as a truck driver. Always checking your vehicle before you set off as well as regularly along your trip, especially on long haul jobs. This means safety checks on breaks, how the load is secured and other operational procedures that come under occupational health and safety. Ensuring that you are following the basic road rules of staying off your phone and wearing your seat belt might sound basic and elementary, but as you gain experience, like in many jobs people become relaxed so do not fall into that trap. Most importantly, know when you are tired. It may be tempting to power through but consequences can be catastrophic for you and other road users if you fall asleep at the wheel when driving vehicles under the MR Licence or HR Licence.