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Across Sydney, Newcastle, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Penrith, and the Central Coast, Core Driving School is an RMS Accredited driving school in Australia and we are proud of our accomplishments and those of our clients. We ensure that you comprehend all that is required to gain your heavy vehicle licence whether it be a Light Rigid (LR), medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR) or Multi Combination (MC) licence; we are here to help! We offer one-day courses seven days a week and safety is paramount to us.

We teach you all the basics and the full method of navigating heavy vehicles safely and effectively. Not only do we believe in safe driving and accomplishing your heavy vehicle licence but we deliver exceptional service to our clientele with professionalism and friendliness. We value our clientele and have more than two hundred reviews on Google and we are a five-star achiever. Subodh Thapa attested to the experience with our driving school in Australia with their review of ‘was the best experience ever. Had so much fun learning and driving HR truck.

Learned heaps. THANK YOU TEAM CORE’. Ravinder Singh backed up this testament with their testimonial of ‘great Truck Driving school. One of the best in Sydney. ‘Specially I would like to thank heaps to the instructors for giving me the best training for Class HC road. They provide training with the wonderful skills and tips that help you further on road. Nice and friendly staff. They offer best service at reasonable prices. They got flexible schedule which they are open 7 days for your suitability. Overall, I had a fantastic experience with them. I would highly recommend to everyone Core Driving School Really appreciated as they helped me a lot’. 

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Why Should You Become A Truck Driver?

When you gain your heavy vehicle truck licence with Core Driving School as a core New South Wales driving school in Australia, you can begin your journey as a Truck Driver. While you may start out on a lower pay grade, it can increase in ample ways as you gain experience and become truly efficient within the industry. Attractive pay rates are one of the reasons for people becoming Truck Drivers while another is flexibility.

You can work flexible hours and manage your other commitments including family quality time. Furthermore, you get to listen to music all day which is a great way to pass the time. With being a Truck Driver, you get the opportunity to travel to see diverse landscapes and areas including towns and coast simply by doing your job. It’s a great way to see some of Australia’s magnificent landscapes and as they say, we are ‘the land of contrast’.

The versatility of being a Truck Driver is also an attractive aspect as you can work in any city or state within Australia so if you plan to relocate interstate or to another town or city, you can still gain work. Armed with a GPS or Google Maps to utilize for navigating your way, you can get to know places and get really familiar with GPS/map systems. They’re useful tools of the trade. Even if you have just obtained your licence with the driving school in Australia and you are lacking experience, many employers will offer on-the-job training so that you can gain that experience and then harness the wheel.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Truck Driving

Some do’s and don’ts of truck driving are important to know when engaging in the industry once you have your licence from Core Driving School. As a leader in driving schools in Australia, we offer exceptional quality courses and advice for you to commence your journey. Developing your skills quickly but also at your own pace is conducive for your employer to see that you are gaining a true handle on the navigation of truck driving.

Having a good work ethos is naturally an effective way to gain recognition within the industry and having a strong and affable personality helps too. Yet, most importantly, a “do” for truck driving is to put safety first. Some “don’ts” of truck driving include not being too rushed.

Take the time to load and unload correctly and ensure that your load is safe and secure and that you are not breaching any regulations or risking damage to the load. Some good advice is not to refuse a task; always take a load on when feasible and contribute your productive and positive work ethos to the organization so that your employer recognizes you as a valued member of the team who does your job well.

Don’t drive when too tired might seem obvious but it is a crucial don’t for Truck Drivers. Trying to go the extra distance to achieve isn’t going to help if you encounter an unfortunate accident due to fatigue. Stay healthy and safe and enjoy what truck driving has to offer you when you gain your licence with our quality Core Driving School.