Driving The Optimum Of Truck Driving Schools

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The team at Core Driving School are driving the optimum out of truck driving schools as an RMS Accredited heavy vehicle licence training and assessment company. From Sydney to Newcastle, Central Coast, Campbelltown, Wollongong and Penrith, you can obtain your truck licence with Core Driving School. Operating seven days a week means you can undertake your training and assessment at your convenience around work and lifestyle commitments. We offer Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR) and a Multi Combination (MC) truck licence so when you are looking at truck driving schools, look no further than Core Driving School.

We are exceptional at what we do and offer a premium-quality service and training; furthermore, it is our mission to help you succeed in gaining your truck licence. Our courses are second-to-none in quality and we ensure that you fully comprehend all the safety regulations and details that come with operating a truck; that’s why we’re the right choice as your truck driving school.

Truck Driving School

Once You Have Your Licence…

You’ll be ready to drive a truck and gain that role you are seeking! There is a range of aspects to consider when first driving a truck even if you have fully passed our accredited course and have your truck licence ready to go. Driving a truck can be daunting as it’s large, a heavy vehicle and certainly not like driving a typical car around the streets.

Take your time to familiarise yourself with the truck’s features and see how it feels and manages on the road; driving around a few blocks to get the feel of it is a good choice and you can gain insight into managing the heavy vehicle as per what your truck driving school taught you. Securing your items carefully is highly-important for truck driving and while it might be tempting to cram as much in as possible, it is optimal to have it carefully laid out and fit in a safe and secure manner.

As your premier truck driving school, Core Driving School recommends being attentive to packing your items and organizing your load as this will save from potential damage to items. As you do with your own car, check your mirrors; this is integral for safe driving of a truck and ensures that they are properly adjusted to where they need to be for careful viewing. Due to the fact that with a truck, you are likely carrying a heavy load, it is best to brake carefully and early and ensure that you are not exceeding the speed limit.

The heavier the truck, the more distance it will require to brake safely so ensure that you brake often to avoid potential collisions. Out of truck driving schools, we are one of the best and will instruct you to drive slowly and safely; driving slowly provides you with more control of the heavy vehicle and allows time to make adjustments should you need to. When driving a truck for the first time, it is always optimal to drive slowly and be safe than sorry.

Trucks are obviously higher than your typical vehicle, therefore, making sure that you are aware of your truck’s height and the load height is important especially when it comes to bridges and overpasses. When reversing, take extra precautions and check your mirrors and drive slowly. Allowing more space for turning is also an integral aspect of driving a truck and as your premier truck driving school, Core Driving School recommends allowing a solid berth for turning around corners and within round-a-bouts as you need more space than what you have previously been used to.

Why Choose Core Driving School As Your Truck Driving School?

It’s a clear choice when selecting from truck driving schools to choose Core Driving School as we deliver exceptional training and are an accredited assessment provider. Furthermore, we engage in professional and friendly service to each and every client and will help you achieve success. Gaining your truck licence can mean more employment opportunities for you or you can start your own business if that’s your aim; we can help make that happen by aiding you to achieve your truck licence whether it be an LR, HR, MR or MC.

We offer careful and precise instruction, ensure that you comprehend the safety when driving a truck and we offer advice for your truck driving experiences. If you are considering gaining your truck licence, contact Core Driving School today; you won’t be disappointed!