Core Driving School Offer All The Truck Licences

Whether you are seeking to drive a small truck or bus or a heavy duty or articulated vehicle, Core Driving School offers accredited training and assessment on truck licences. We operate seven days a week so you can schedule in your training around your work and lifestyle commitments and most courses are generally a one-day course and you are assessed by an accredited instructor who will conduct the Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment (HVCBA). It all depends on what type of career you are seeking as to which truck licence you want to aim for but we offer all the various licences that can help you gain entry into the truck or bus driving industry. There are Light Rigid (LR), Medium Rigid (MR), Heavy Rigid (HR), Heavy Combination (HC), Multi Combination (MC) and Forklift and Bus Licences aside from the truck licences. Imagine being out on the open road driving along with your choice of music blaring and the ability to enjoy the vast Australian landscapes: that’s what it means to gain a truck licence and get on the road to begin your journey as a Truck Driver.

Types Of Trucks You Can Drive With Your Truck Licence

There is a plethora of different types of trucks that you will be able to drive when you gain your truck licence through Core Driving School. From boat haulage where you tow a heavy duty trailer supporting a boat to trailers to trucks that transport average vehicles, there are many varieties for you to gain entry into the industry and begin to drive one of these types. Cement and fuel trucks are common and the latter poses a high safety risk as hazardous material therefore driving carefully and to optimum safety is crucial. Many companies such as supermarkets utilise refrigerated trucks hauling a considerable volume of stock for stores and they need to be efficiently managed to prevent damage to stock and the deliveries also need to arrive within a timely manner. There are flat-bed trailers and tow trucks that can haul vehicles, trucks, vans, utes, caravans and machinery which you can also drive with the right truck licence. Other types of trucks include those that transport heavy furniture goods or the even bigger ones that transport livestock around Australia for export. Logging trucks are common in areas of deforestation and they transport timber across Australia to various locations for diverse purposes. 

Bus Licences

Beyond gaining your truck licence, most of the heavy vehicle licences will permit you to drive a bus; the size of the bus depends on the type of truck licence you obtain but it allows you entry into different types of services. There are school buses, coach tours, smaller bus tours through wine regions and being a bus driver has its rewards. If you are a jovial person who loves nothing more than to communicate and interact with people, then bus driving can be an ideal job for you. Telling jokes, imparting information on areas and specific features of landscapes and buildings such as heritage buildings, guiding tourists on travel information within Australia, all these add up to a fabulous bus driver role for coach tours. Not only can you have fantastic interpersonal skills but it is a premium quality to have efficiency and the ability to adhere to a schedule. Advantages of bus driving is that you can attain a flexible work schedule and view different landscapes of Australia and special features that you might not otherwise have witnessed had you not been a bus driver. Being a school bus driver with a truck licence also enables you to work certain hours around the day that don’t interrupt other work and family commitments depending on your lifestyle. You can gain access to the bus driving industry through engaging with Core Driving School for effective training and assessment on truck licences and once you are ticked and approved, off you go into a new world of driving trucks or buses and earning a good dollar for your efforts.