The License with Core Driving School

Core Driving School offers a variety of heavy vehicle truck licencing courses and assessments so participants can obtain a Heavy Vehicle Licence to be allowed to undertake truck driving in Sydney. According to law, for a driver to get their Heavy Vehicle Licence in New South Wales, they must complete an accredited Heavy Vehicle Competency-Based Assessment. When looking for what type of truck license to obtain, it is important to know what type of vehicle you will be operating so you legally are … [Read more...]

Gaining Your MC Truck Licence

If you have been thinking of driving a big truck for your next career move, gaining your Multi-Combination or MC Truck Licence is the first step. Beyond a Light Rigid, Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid heavy vehicle licence, the MC Truck licence allows you to drive prime movers, low loader dolly trucks and low loader trailer combinations, road trains and B-Double vehicles. It is a licence for diversified driving! Before heading off to gain your MC Truck licence, it is wise to obtain your HC Licence … [Read more...]

Truck Driver Training

Truck Driver Training Truck Driver Training at Core Driving School, we specialise in Heavy Vehicle Driver Training, being a Registered Training Organisation (RTO). We aphid by ASQA National and RMS provincial code of conduct and practices. Core provides high quality truck driver training and assessment assuring all participants are qualified to operate a heavy vehicle safely. We provide truck driver training and assessment for all heavy vehicle licence classes: Light Rigid, Medium Rigid, … [Read more...]

Truck Driver Training